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Cult Of The Lamb Comes Under Fire For Buggy Launch

Cult of the Lamb has been a breakout hit for Massive Monster, even dethroning Spider-Man on launch day, but it's since come under fire from the community for its buggy launch. Some report glitching out of bounds, others show Totems disappearing, while some have ended up with immortal followers who just won't age.

If you've held a sermon or ritual in the temple, for instance, you've probably only ever invited six of your flock. This might seem like a design choice, but the gameplay trailers and players on PC show more followers in the temple at once. The problem with only six people entering the temple is that it can break quests as some require you to perform rituals on specific NPCs which you can't do unless they come to the temple when summoned. The best workaround right now is to marry whoever the quest is for, forcing them to pop by.

Another bug saw an enemy become invisible in a dungeon delve. The player couldn't find or hurt them and had no way to leave the dungeon without dying, meaning that they stood around AFK for so long that all their followers died before they got back to camp.

If Reddit and Twitter are anything to go by, and anecdotal first-hand experience, these bugs aren't uncommon. Game crashes, the screen going black when walking into the next room, infinite hearts, and so on – there's a lot, so much so that some players are putting down Cult of the Lamb until fixes are made.

"The first few hours were absolutely amazing, but the bugs on Switch held back my whole experience before reaching the final boss," Original-Science9370 wrote. "What we want before any new game content is fixes for bugs through patches… I'm putting it on hold before playing on Nightmare difficulty."

There are exhaustive lists being compiled to try and raise awareness, with the key ones being instant-fail quests, items not showing up when scripted to, enemy spider nests not opening, followers ignoring the Devotion statue, Fervor limit stuck at four, and so on.

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