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CS:GO Players Have Ported It To Source 2 Before Valve

Besides Half-Life 3, of course, one of the longest-running rumors is that Valve plans to port Counter-Strike: Global Offense to the Source 2 engine. That would only bring CS:GO up to 2014 in terms of engine technology, but it’d still be a massive improvement compared to the original Source engine, which was first developed almost 20 years ago.

Every supposed "leak" about CS:GO being ported to Source 2 has eventually turned out to be false. After years of disappointment, a group of CS:GO fans have finally decided enough is enough. If Valve isn’t going to port CS:GO to Source 2, then they’ll just do it themselves.

Courtesy of the Gabe Follower Twitter account, today we get our first look at how the project is going. Using s&box, the Garry’s Mod spiritual successor that’s already being used to port Team Fortress 2 to the Source 2 engine, Gabe Follower and crew have recreated CS:GO from the ground up. They didn’t use a single line of code from the original game, which is important in order to avoid copyright issues, and they plan to post the entire C# code on a community GitHub later on.

As you can see in the footage above, the project is still in its early stages. There’s only one map available to play on and there are some issues with the animations. Some characters look like they’re sliding through the sand and some gun recoil animations don’t look quite right. But it looks like they’ve enacted every weapon from CS:GO, and since s&box is an entirely modular program, it will be easy to add more in the future.

Keep an eye on the Gabe Follower account for future updates and eventually maybe even a download link.

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