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CrossfireX Update Finally Unlocks Story Mode On Game Pass

CrossfireX has just received its first update on Xbox and it's a welcome one. The team addressed some of the most frustrating bugs with the game, including one that prevents Xbox Game Pass members from accessing the first story campaign Operation Catalyst.

Shortly after executive producer Sooro Boo personally apologized for CrossfireX's disappointing launch, Smilegate deployed the game's first patch. The download is about 2.5GB on Xbox Series X/S which lets you finally access the single-player content initially promised to be included in the Game Pass subscription at launch on February 10.

CrossfireX's story campaign includes two operations, intended to let the players experience the global conflict on behalf of two opposing factions — Global Risk and Black List private military organizations. While you still won't be able to play the second Operation Spectre for free, at least you can give Operation Catalyst a try at no extra cost. But first, you need to download the additional content, which is roughly 21GB on Xbox Series X/S. You can do that from the main menu after the game is launched.

Aside from resolving the Game Pass issue, the new CrossfireX patch boasts other welcome improvements listed on the game's official website. It fixes the CAR-4 issue, which often led to the players being unable to use aim-down sights on one of the starter guns while also introducing some balance improvements for the "Boogieman".

Today's update is just the first step in improving the situation with CrossfireX, as there are many other bugs and problems left. The devs already announced the next major update is coming in early March and will further enhance the overall state of the shooter.

If you're still interested in the title's story operations created by Remedy, now is the time to do so via your Game Pass subscription. CrossfireX is available exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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