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Counter-Strike Player Gets Global Offensive Running On A Smartwatch

We've all seen the many ludicrous platforms that people have managed to get Doom working on, but since we seem to finally be running out of weird places to play Doom, hackers and modders have finally moved on to other games.

Case in point, here we have a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan plying their trade on a smartwatch. The box underneath the watch indicates it's Timon-branded, and given the fact it's playing CS:GO at all, we can assume it has some sort of networking capability. It also has the potential to display custom images on a tiny square screen and accept the inputs of an almost equally tiny Logitech keyboard and mouse combo.

However, the formula for going from a smartwatch to a minuscule on-the-go CS:GO platform is unknown. It's likely a similar process to how Bennet Bytes managed to get the original Counter-Strike running on his Android-branded smartwatch five years ago. That hack ran terribly and didn't have internet connectivity. It seems like technology has so vastly improved over the past five years that wrist-mounted CS:GO has become playable.

Despite being over a decade old, CS:GO still commands an enormous global audience. That was proven on the game's tenth birthday last month when CS:GO boasted 1,039,889 players. And for the month of September, CS:GO had an even higher peak player count at 1,100,366 players, although the average number of players seems to have slipped a bit compared to August.

Rather than getting CS:GO to run on your watch, you're probably much better off with Valve's handheld PC, the Steam Deck. Having to get used to joystick or touchpad controls might be a bit of a challenge, but you can always plug in a mouse and keyboard if you really want. Plus, with Valve ramping up production, you might even get your Steam Deck in time for Christmas.

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