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Cookie Run: Kingdom – Character Tier List

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With a gacha game like Cookie Run: Kingdom, an important aspect of it is the number of characters and your team of Cookies. In addition to having them run the operations of your kingdom, the Cookies serve as your first and the last line of defense.

They'll need to fight in multiple areas including World Exploration, the Tropical Soda Islands, the Tower Of Sweet Chaos, Bounties, Guild Battles, and the Arena. Since leveling up Cookies will become more and more costly as the challenge grows, you'll need to be selective with the five cookies you'll put in your main party. There are over 68 Cookies with very distinct power gaps between tiers. Here's what to look out for.

Cookie Rarities

All the available Cookies fall into one of the following rarity ranks (arranged from most to least rare): Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient. The rarer they are the better their stats will be.

Attacker Cookies Tier List

Though a good party balance is necessary for continuous success, there is a lot to be said for high attack power. Many Cookies have stats and abilities that are tailored toward causing as much damage as possible and sweeping through enemies.

However, this means that these Cookies require a lot of support and protection so that their effectiveness can be maximized. Although every Cookie has a base attack power, the Cookie Classes that make the best attackers are Charge, Ambush, Ranged, Magic, and Bomber. Here are the tier rankings and rarities of each of the attacker Cookie options.

Charge CookiesRarityTier Ranking
Dark Cacao CookieAncientS
Mala Sauce CookieEpicS
Kumiho CookieEpicS
Tea Knight CookieEpicA
Dark Choco CookieEpicA
Princess CookieRareA
Werewolf CookieEpicA
Red Velvet CookieEpicB
Raspberry CookieEpicB
Purple Yam CookieEpicC
Muscle CookieCommonC
Ambush CookiesRarityTier Ranking
Black Raisin CookieEpicS
Pancake CookieRareS
Sorbet CookieEpicA
Vampire CookieEpicB
Adventurer CookieRareB
Chili Pepper CookieEpicC
Ninja CookieCommonC
Ranged CookiesRarityTier Ranking
Twizzly Gummy CookieEpicS
Caramel Arrow CookieEpicS
Rye CookieEpicA
Tiger Lily CookieEpicA
Pastry CookieEpicB
Beet CookieCommonC
Magic CookieRarityTier Ranking
Pumpkin Pie CookieEpicS
Frost Queen CookieLegendaryS
Licorice CookieEpicS
Snow Sugar CookieEpicS
Latte CookieEpicA
Espresso CookieEpicA
Mango Juice CookieEpicA
Devil CookieRareB
Blackberry CookieRareB
Squid Ink CookieEpicC
Wizard CookieCommonC
Bomber CookiesRarityTier Ranking
Affogato CookieEpicS
Sea Fairy CookieLegendaryS
Poison Mushroom CookieEpicA
Alchemist CookieRareA
Cherry CookieRareB
Gumball CookieRareC

Defender Cookies Tier Ranking

While attack Cookies are responsible for clearing a path, defense Cookies need to keep the team strong and stable. Their abilities can be a combination of dealing damage, buffing fellow Cookies, and debuffing enemies. As a result, their attack potential is lower in favor of higher health and defense numbers.

Still, this proves to be very helpful in drawing enemy attention, so other Cookies can focus on attacking. The best Cookie Classes for defending are Defense, Support, and Healer. These are the tier rankings for each defense Cookie option.

Defense CookiesRarityTier Ranking
Hot Cocoa CookieEpicS
Hollyberry CookieAncientS
Moon Rabbit CookieEpicS
Madeleine CookieEpicS
Strawberry Crepe CookieEpicA
Avocado CookieRareA
Milk CookieEpicB
Knight CookieRareC
Strawberry CookieCommonC
Support CookiesRarityTier Ranking
Cotton CookieEpicS
Cream Puff CookieEpicS
Parfait CookieEpicS
Mint Choco CookieEpicS
Pomegranate CookieEpicA
Eclair CookieEpicA
Clover CookieRareA
Carrot CookieRareB
Fig CookieEpicB
Lilac CookieEpicC
Onion CookieRareC
Healer CookiesRarityTier Ranking
Pure Vanilla CookieAncientS
Sparkling CookieEpicS
Custard Cookie IIIRareA
Herb CookieEpicB
Angel CookieCommonC

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