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Condom Commercial Interrupts Minecraft Speedrun Tournament

When you think of Minecraft, you tend to think of things that generally apply to children. Toys, cereal, plushies, etc. That’s not to say that the game is for children—in fact, many adults play the game and have made careers from it. However, it would be hard to argue that a mid-stream commercial for condoms is appropriate for the audience that is likely to watch a Minecraft speedrunning tournament—but that’s exactly what happened on Sunday.

Internet broadcasting sites—like Twitch and YouTube—make money through advertisements, or monthly subscription to avoid said ads. This method of monetization is fairly cut and dry on YouTube, where the majority of videos have been pre-prepared with “natural” room for ads to be run. Things are a little more difficult for live-streaming sites like Twitch, though, where a poorly timed ad can interrupt all of the action.

Twitch experimented with mid-stream advertisements back in September but stopped the experiment after poor feedback from the community according to a report from GameRant. Despite this, an ad for Trojan condoms ran during a Minecraft speedrunning tournament.

The RSG 1.14 tournament—hosted by MinecraftJavaSpeedrunnning—was 40 minutes into a best-of-three quarterfinal match when the ad started running. To add insult to injury, both contestants were just about to enter the end portal to complete the game when the ad reared its ugly head. Luckily, nobody missed the completion of the game by the contestants, but everyone was stunned—and amused—by the surprise commercial.

Luckily, this instance of a mid-stream ad didn’t completely ruin everything, but it does highlight the extreme danger to viewer satisfaction that Twitch faces with indiscriminate ads. Perhaps the site could come up with an ad schedule for streamers to choose from, or some other structured ad placement for the benefit of everyone involved. If they don’t the next condom ad might interrupt another tournament—with less humorous consequences.

As of this writing, Twitch has not publicly stated what it will do with its advertising, nor has it commented on this particular instance of an intrusive ad.

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