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Comparison Shows Leaked GTA 6 Map Will Be 50 Percent Bigger Than GTA 5

Rockstar’s next GTA title recently suffered a massive leak which included several photos and videos from the pre-alpha build being revealed. This was the biggest leak in Rockstar’s history. Now, based on the findings from that leak, a fan has managed to estimate the size of the map in GTA 6, and it is massive.

Spotted by Metro, Redditor ChurchofGTA charted the GTA 5 map over the estimated area of the GTA 6 map. The results showed that the upcoming map will reportedly be around 50 percent bigger than its predecessor. While fans definitely expected it to be bigger than GTA 5, the alleged size is still quite massive which means there will be a lot more to explore. Players have already attempted to piece the GTA 6 map together on MS Paint following the leak, but this comparison is as close as it gets to getting something substantial on it.

The leak has revealed a lot of the game’s content already. Apart from the map size, we also saw a video containing a female protagonist. This is in line with an earlier leak that suggested this will happen. Another video also showcased the cloth swishing feature in the game which proves Rockstar is leaving no stone unturned for GTA 5’s successor. The setting of the game also seems to be Vice City.

In its statement addressing the leak, Rockstar mentioned that it was disappointed, but will continue to develop a game that will exceed expectations. It also reassured fans that all its services will be functional, and no disruption will be caused. However, there is a looming threat as the person who recently hacked Uber is allegedly behind this leak.

There are also reports that suggested that the hacker is a teenager, who is also a member of the infamous hacking group, Lapsus$. London police even arrested a 17-year-old hacker in the same case, who has pleaded not guilty. Now, the FBI and DOJ are also involved in this matter.

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