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Cloud Strife And Squall Are Coming To Chocobo GP’s First Season

Cloud Strife and Squall (that's Leon if you're a Kingdom Hearts buff) Leonhart will be joining Chocobo GP as purchasable characters.

Square Enix has been showing off more and more of Chocobo GP as it approaches its launch next month. One of the features it's been keen to show off is the game's roster, which consists of various characters from Final Fantasy history, including Cid, Chocobo, and Gilgamesh. Although the roster is strong, up until now it was notably missing any of the main series protagonists.

Don't worry Final Fantasy fans, as Square Enix confirmed in the most recent Nintendo Direct that both Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart will be available as part of the game's first season. Curiously, Chocobo GP was only present in the Japanese version of the Nintendo Direct and was left out from other versions.

Both Cloud and Squall will be available to purchase during the game's first season. Each season will last around two months and will have special rewards linked to them that will increase depending on how much the player participates. Each season will also have a prize pass, which acts as the game's version of a battle pass, which will give players access to even more rewards and give them a way to earn Gil.

Cloud Strife will be part of the first Prize Pass and Square Enix has said that it will give all players a login bonus for the first season that will give them 800 mythril, enough to buy the prize pass and essentially unlock Cloud for free. Meanwhile, Squall will be purchasable in the game's item shop for Gil, although the current amount hasn't been revealed.

Each season's prize pass also seems to contain rewards related to the character, as Cloud's pass will let players unlock his iconic bike when they reach level 100. It's not clear if these characters or rewards will be purchasable separately, or if they're exclusive to the prize pass, although it seems to be the former.

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