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Check Out The New Trailer For Free Guy, A Movie Where Ryan Reynolds Plays A Video Game NPC

Ryan Reynolds is back in another trailer for Free Guy, an upcoming film that focuses on life within an immersive video game. Specifically, Reynolds portrays a non-player character (NPC) named Guy who grows discontent with the monotony of his life.

The game series that Free Guy resembles the most is Grand Theft Auto, wherein violence and crime run rampant in an otherwise realistic world. The premise is designed to poke fun at the overly brutal, uncaring behavior of players in similar games. When Reynolds’ NPC character decides to stand up for himself and revolt – things start to get weird.

Free Guy’s debut trailer released at the end of last year, back when the movie was confirmed for a July release. Because of COVID-19, delays took place and now Free Guy is set for December 11. However, 20th Century Studios just released a new trailer to tide us over until then. Reynolds himself took to Twitter to promote it, popping in a joke about the unfortunate tone of 2020.

Free Guy also centers around Reynolds’ character breaking free from NPC stereotypes. Based on the trailers that we’ve seen, it appears that our protagonist eventually fights back against a violent player-character, inherits their HUD, and consequently learns more about the setting he’s in. It looks like he’ll be fighting to save his game-world from deletion, all while attempting to pursue a particular person of interest. Although Wreck-It Ralph has explored some of the same concepts, Reynolds’ portrayal alone might make the film worth a watch.

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