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Cheaters Are Ready For Black Ops Cold War

Every major game is going to attract cheaters. Fall Guys famously banished cheaters to their own special island, and Warzone forces cheaters to play each other. However, knowledge of the consequences didn’t stop people from cheating during the Black Ops: Cold War beta, and it’s not stopping websites from selling cheats to get cheaters ready for the upcoming game.

Just two months ago, Activision sued a “cheat making” company for creating cheats that players could use to gain a competitive edge in Call of Duty games. Ironically, some of the cheaters demanded refunds for the exploits that they bought from the website when they learned that the cheats stopped working.

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But where there is one slimy business, there are several others. According to a report from Vice, there are several websites that are already touting their cheats—trying to cash in before the game is launched.

One cheat developer claimed that he had developed a cheat that would allow you to simply walk forward and let the game take care of itself – aiming and shooting for you. Absolutely no skill, other than moving a joystick, is needed. We saw this particular cheat (or something very much like it) during the beta. To call it obvious when a player is using a cheat like that is an understatement.

Of course, that’s part of what allows cheating websites to stay in businesses. If a player gets banned, the company can claim that the player was just too obvious with the cheat. That is, until a mass ban of 20,000 cheaters, for example. In those instances, companies that are selling cheats can’t blame their “customers” for getting banned.

Speaking with Vice, an industry insider claimed that Activision is ready for the cheaters, and that any cheats that may or may not be ready for Black Ops: Cold War will be spotted eventually. We will have to wait and see how quickly those cheats are spotted, but we hope that it is quick. There is nothing worse than a no-talent cheater ruining a game.

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