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Chaotic Co-Op Supermarket Shriek Coming to PS4, PC, & Switch On October 23

From the same publisher that brought us Cat Quest, Gal*Gun, and Inertial Drift, now we have them to thank for Supermarket Shriek a new game from Belfast-based Billy Goat Entertainment. Supermarket Shriek has you take the role of a runaway shopping cart that’s piloted by a screaming shopper and his pet goat. Or it’s a goat that he picked up during his screaming rampage. It’s sort of hard to tell.

Supermarket Shriek describes itself as a “casual racing game,” but it’s more like an obstacle course. Each race involves traversing a shop, supermarket, grocery store, or mall that has been filled with obstacles like conveyor belts, spillages, fire pits, swinging axes, sumo wrestlers, and worse.

Why does a shopping mall have swinging axes hanging from the ceiling? Nobody knows.

If racing through Supermarket Shriek’s 38-stage campaign doesn’t sound up your alley, then you can try out the game’s three PvP modes including Shopping List, Sumo, and Race. Shopping List has players frantically search a grocery store for all items on their list, while Race is a scored race through the shopping mall at full speed. Sumo will have two goat-filled shopping carts face off to see which one is the weightiest by pushing the other outside of an arena.

The best part about Supermarket Shriek is that there’s a couch co-op mode where you literally steer yourself through screaming into the microphone. One person plays the man, the other the goat. When the man screams, the cart turns left. When the goat screams, the cart turns right. Both scream at the same time and the cart just trundles along or turns slightly depending on the volume of the respective screamers.

Supermarket Shriek does not provide players with a script to read the cops for the inevitable noise complaint, so you better think about that before you start a co-op game.

Supermarket Shriek arrives for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on October 23rd.

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