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Celebrate The Pokémon World Championships With Gifted Victinis In Sword & Shield

The Pokemon World Championships are now underway. The four-day event will have tournaments in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Pokken Tournament, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Unite, and we can expect big announcements for all these games and upcoming Pokemon titles all weekend long.

And to celebrate the occasion, you can grab your very own Victini, the mythical Pokemon of victory, right now in Sword & Shield.

First spotted by Serebii, the Pokemon World Championships stream revealed this download code: W0RLD22V1CT0RY. Note that’s a zero, not an "O." To grab your free Victiny, head to the Mystery Gift meny in Sword & Shield, then select "Get a Mystery Gift," and then "Get With Code/Password." Enter the download code and you’ll receive your Victini.

This particular Victini is battle ready with a Brave nature and a moveset including V-create, Zen Headbutt, Work Up, and Flame Charge. This is great news as mythical Pokemon are now legal to play in VGC Series 13. It’s also great for collectors as Sword & Shield has no other way of getting Victini other than transferring from another Pokemon game.

Some other big announcements revealed at the Pokemon World Championships include Ash and Pikachu coming to Pokemon Masters EX on August 27 after first appearing as story characters last month. Pokemon Unite will get its first new map next month called the Theia Sky Ruins, and it'll have some new wild pokemon and Rayquaza as a new boss. Expect the man to arrive on September 2.

And for those looking to grab some exclusive Pokemon merch, including the new London Beefeater Pikachu and Roserade plush toys, you’ll want to start lining up an hour before your reservation time. The Pokemon Center pop-up is once again dealing with unprecedented demand and its booking system has apparently collapsed, leading to lineups that wrap around the building.

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