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Capcom Isn’t Making Resident Evil 4 Remake Shorter, Following Resident Evil 3 Backlash

The original Resident Evil 4 has one of the longest campaigns in the entire series, clocking in at 16-18 hours on average. And it seems the upcoming remake will offer about the same amount of story content, without the developers leaving big chunks of the initial package behind.

2020's Resident Evil 3 Remake has been widely criticized by fans and critics alike for its play time of just 6-7 hours for the asking price, and even for some areas being cut from the original. Capcom is well aware of this issue, and intends to deliver a bulky package with RE4 Remake. Speaking to PC Gamer, producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi noted that the studio was paying attention to how its latest games were received by the audience to make things right with the next one.

"When we started production on RE4 we looked into what people thought was good [in the RE2 and RE3 remakes] and what could've been done better," explained Kobayashi. "One example is the play time for RE4 is about the same as the original game."

Of course, the producer didn't say that the remake would have exactly the same length as the original, leaving some space for additional tweaks, extensions and small cuts made during the course of development. However, judging from its first gameplay trailer, it appears that the reimagining is shaping out to be pretty faithful to what came before it, and we definitely shouldn't worry that some major episodes would be missing in the full release.

As for the smaller differences, we can expect plenty of them besides the all-new graphics and updated characters' looks. Resident Evil 4's environments will be expanded, while its controversial button-mashing QTEs have been significantly reduced. Also, you won't be able to rescue that poor dog from the bear trap to aid you later, which is a real shame. We truly hope that every other NPC has made it to the remake in much better shape.

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