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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Zombies mode revealed in new artwork

Modern Warfare doesn’t have a Zombies mode but if did then one of the lead developers has revealed what it would’ve looked like.

Zombies mode always used to be something that only appeared in Call Of Duty games made by Treyarch, starting with World At War and continuing on through the Black Ops series.

But as it became more and more popular it started appearing in games by other Call Of Duty developers, until it became a mainstay of the whole franchise. That chain was broken in last year’s Modern Warfare, because Infinity Ward felt it wouldn’t fit the realistic tone of the game, but it seems the idea was considered.

The unused concept artwork above isn’t a leak but comes from campaign gameplay director Jacob Minkoff, who was given permission to post it on Instagram by Activision.

‘I was thinking it would be fun to play with the classic Call of Duty zombie gameplay, hinting here at some sort of Russian special forces soldier and his duo of quadruped robots, holding captive zombified soldiers by leashes around their necks’, says Minkoff.

Although it didn’t start that way, Zombies mode ended up having a complex mythology, which doesn’t seem to fit at all with what is being implied by this image.

Zombies mode has also featured increasingly silly settings and celebrity cameos over the years, which also doesn’t seem like it would’ve been a thing in Modern Warfare.

Although it still hasn’t been announced yet, this year’s new Call Of Duty is by Treyarch and so presumably will feature Zombies once again.

Whether it will have anything in common with what Infinity Ward were considering is unclear, but usually the developers work quite separately.


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