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Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: Warzone intel locations for new hunting missions

Call of Duty Modern Warfare gamers have a huge incentive to explore the latest Warzone intel mission on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Not only does it give you something new to explore in Verdansk but it also provides a serious amount of XP for those looking to complete their Season 4 Battle Pass.

This can help unlock new weapons, even if you haven’t bought the premium version this month.

And with 10,000XP up for grabs, it will certainly help towards unlocking what you’re looking for.


The new Season 4 mission can be found under the challenges bar and will be located to the right of the normal objectives.

There are several steps to complete before you unlock the full reward, meaning you will need to drop into active matches multiple times.

Warzone gamers will need to find and locate intel at different locations and it should be noted that you can only collect one piece of intel each game.

Dropping into Plunder might speed things up a little over Battle Royale but it’s mostly down to your own playstyle.

Call of Duty Season 4 isn’t scheduled to end for another 40 days, meaning you have plenty of time to complete this stuff at your own pace.


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Hunting the Enemy in Call of Duty Warzone means finding the locations of six intel drops across Verdansk.

The good news is that COD gamers have been busy finding them all, making it much easier to complete the new intel challenge.

Clicking through on the Hunting the Enemy Mission in the menu will reveal picture clues, making it easier to find where you need to go.

Intel Location One is the Swimming Pool just south of Storage Town, where you will find the coin needed to complete the mission on the second floor of the building, across the catwalk.

Intel Location Two is at the Airport and can be found on the West Part of the Tarmac. This will be right of the crashed plane, in an L-Shaped storage-container office, on a desk with a laptop.

Intel Location Three is Bunker 3, the West Bunker, which means going through the door and dropping through to the second floor.

Intel Location Four is the same place, but this time you will need the spotter perk to complete the mission, which can be done through a loadout drop. You will then need to interact with the computer found in the bunker.

Intel Location Five can be found downtown, south of the big useless stadium and in a square building next to an L-shaped one. The information needed can be found on the Whiteboard.

Intel Location Six is at the Train Station, and can be found just right of the tall tower that can be seen on the map. You will need to find the arrivals and departures board, and interact with it just below it. Finding this place usually requires heading for the big gates.

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