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Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: COD Warzone patch news for PS4 and Xbox

Gamers believe they know about a new Call of Duty Modern Warfare item coming in a future update. And it’s fair to say that many players who regularly drop into Verdansk may have encountered it, albeit, without finding it themselves. Nestled among some recent patch notes was the news that CUAVs could be found in Warzone for a short period.

A Counter UAV in COD Warzone effectively removes your map, which can be troublesome while trying to take down another team.

It can also make getting away from an incoming storm much harder and leaves you blind to other events.

While most players never found a CUAV, most gamers have noticed at least one pop up in July.

With CUAVs popping up in the game, it would suggest that this new item could be coming to the game very soon.

There is no word on when that might happen but we know that a new Call of Duty Modern Warfare update is released nearly every week.

So the earliest time something new could pop up would be this week, during the new Activision patch release.

This usually happens on a Tuesday, and Activision provides a weekly blog post to confirm the most important changes being made to the game.

So with any luck, we will find out about CUAVs coming to the game via an official post.

The next Call of Duty update could drop as early as Tuesday, July 14, and its release time will depend on how big it is.

Smaller updates that focus on Playlist changes usually launched during the evening in the UK, at around 6pm BST.

For the bigger updates, developers Infinity Ward choose a much later time, around 11pm PT, or 7am BST the following day for gamers in Europe.

If a Counter UAV is released this week, it’s almost guaranteed to be available in Call of Duty Warzone via Pay Stations.

A recent report suggested they would cost around $4500, which is the average price for many of the game’s top items.

While we can’t guarantee when the next big game update for COD Warzone will land, there have been rumours that something big is happening next month.

As part of the Season 5 release, it’s been reported that big map changes are set to be made.

We’ve heard stuff on this in the past, so readers should take whatever is being said with a big pinch of salt.

But from what has been shared so far, the Warzone Verdansk map could be getting a running train across the map, as well as changes to the Stadium.

The train will reportedly circle the map, giving players the ability to grab some new weapons and items when it travels by.

If that wasn’t interesting enough, the map changes are expected to be triggered by the nuclear warhead discovered underneath the map.

It’s believed the event will coincide with the reveal of this year’s Call of Duty release – possibly in early August.

For now, gamers will need to keep an eye on those usual Warzone hotspots and see if any new clues pop up.

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