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Call Of Duty And League Of Legends Top List Of Multiplayer Games With The Most Service Outages

Server outages are a common occurrence among online games, but some are more prone to downtime than others. A recent study conducted by Mazuma Mobile indicates that Call of Duty suffers more outages per month than another other franchise in gaming.

Mazuma Mobile’s analysis looked at Downdector’s archive, a service which monitors downtime for servers across a variety of industries. The report tracked down any outages between November 2019 and September 2020, compiling a list of total outages and average outages per month.

Call of Duty was far and away the worst performing franchise, nearly doubling the number of outages of League of Legends, the game that came in second place. Here’s the full top ten list, followed by average outages per month:

  • Call of Duty (18.45)
  • League of Legends (8.18)
  • FIFA (7.55)
  • GTA V (7.45)
  • Counter-Strike (7.27)
  • Rainbow Six Siege (7.09)
  • Fortnite (7.09)
  • Roblox (6.82)
  • Destiny (5.09)
  • Escape From Tarkov (4.91)

Some of the best performers were Warframe (0.64 per month), Hearthstone (0.82 per month), and Elder Scrolls Online (1.55 per month).

The analysis also looked at which gaming services are more likely to go down. Over the past year or so, Steam has gone down 158 times, making it the least reliable service. It’s followed closely by Discord, with 120. Here’s the full breakdown, followed by average outages per month:

  • Steam (14.36)
  • Discord (10.91)
  • Xbox Live (10.36)
  • PlayStation Network (9.27)
  • EA (9.09)

At the other end of the spectrum is the Epic Games Store, with just 16 outages – averaging only 1.45 outages per month. For a service that’s in its infancy, less than two outages a month is an impressive number. Of course, larger platforms like Steam might require more frequent maintenance, but it’s a striking comparison, nonetheless.

The only thing missing in this info is how long each outage lasted for. It would be interesting to see the duration of each downtime over the course of the past year in conjunction with the above data. A server might go down at 2am for one hour of planned maintenance, which is more player-friendly than four hours of unexpected downtime at 5pm on a Thursday.

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