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Butterfinger Is Here With A Last-Minute Chance To Win Xbox Series X

Butterfinger is starting a new sweepstakes to give customers Halo Infinite player emblems and short amounts of free time with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Oh, and there’s also a chance to win an entire Xbox Series X.

The time for next-gen consoles grows ever closer, and a lot of people are going to feel left out. Both Sony and Microsoft, and the many electronics retailers, couldn’t keep up with the demand for pre-orders. GameStop even put up a fake pre-order queue to prevent overload of its servers. Sony claims that it aims to sell 7.6 million PlayStation 5 units by March, but that still means many are going to see the holiday season pass by without a shiny new console. Butterfinger might be their last hope.

Starting this Friday, October 30, you can go to GameWithButterfinger to put in a free entry to win an Xbox Series X. You can do this once per day until February 15. Of course, by that point Microsoft might put out a wave of more available consoles. But you can’t beat free, right?

The other part of the promotion – the part where you actually need to buy candy – is where you get the Halo Infinite and Game Pass rewards. Those who purchase two Butterfinger, Crunch, Baby Ruth, or 100 Grand bars and enter their receipt at the Game With Butterfinger site to redeem the prizes. Only the first entry is good for Game Pass – you’ll get seven days of Game Pass Ultimate for the redemption. After that, your purchases will be good for one of four unique Halo Infinite player emblems.

There are a few ways to try and win a next gen console as the companies ramp up for launch. Taco Bell is still doing its Xbox giveaways, and now you can enter online without needing to purchase anything. Burger King is handling the PS5 giveaway, although a food purchase is needed to enter. We’ll leave it to you to work out if the money and effort you would spend on buying all that fast food is worth what you’d save buying a next-gen console straight out.

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