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Bungie Rumored To Bring Back Marathon As A Squad-Based Extraction Shooter

Marathon, Bungie's first real success story and Macintosh's answer to Doom, might be about to make a comeback.

Sources speaking to Insider Gaming say that Bungie plans to revive Marathon as a three-person squad-based extraction shooter, a la Escape from Tarkov. Those sources state that the game is still in its pre-alpha stages but an announcement could be made soon to help Bungie hire new talent to kickstart development.

The new game will be in the Marathon universe, but it seems to only be tangentially related to Bungie's classic first-person shooter trilogy. It will take place on a planet where a human colony mysteriously vanished, leaving the remaining humans to scrounge for resources just to survive. Those humans control customizable cyborgs called "Runners" to gather loot.

The game plays out similar to other extraction shooters, with players deciding on their loadouts before dropping into the map to hunt for more loot and/or complete mission objectives before extraction. Dying means losing all your loot, and the player is able to purchase additional supplies in between missions.

Described as the "ultimate example of a living game," it sounds like the new Marathon will have all the live-service trappings of Destiny, including seasonal content and a battle pass-like progression system. Insider Jeff Grubb (via Games Radar) confirmed the report and added it will "almost certainly" be free-to-play with Runner customization being the main source of microtransactions. He described the game's style as "vibrant" but "brutalist," with a "boxy" sci-fi aesthetic. He also said there'd be no load times and minimal queue times for activities.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons confirmed that the Halo and Destiny studio is working on multiple projects, with a report last year stating it's even making games outside of the Destiny universe. A recent patent also suggests that Bungie is working on a mobile shooter of some kind, and a partnership with Chinese developer NetEase may very well bring Destiny to mobile devices.

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