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Bungie Nerfed Well Of Radiance In Destiny 2 And Forgot To Inform Players

Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary update brought a ton of new activities, loot, and a cosmic horse to the game. It also brought a ton of balance changes to weapons and abilities that players were aware of, but it seems Bungie missed out on informing players of a rather important nerf.

DPS phases in Destiny 2 are pivotal in nailing boss encounters, and each subclass has its own set of abilities and supers to help with that. However, Bungie recently nerfed the most popular DPS-aiding super, Well of Radiance, and forgot to include it in the patch notes.

Thankfully, a hawk-eyed player spotted this nerf and brought it to everyone’s attention on Reddit. Apparently, the Well of Radiance now only buffs damage for the person casting it and not for their Fireteam members. This also has other implications where Fireteam members can no longer shoot through enemy shields or deal extra damage using the Focusing Lens seasonal mod.

Players will have to change up their strategies for endgame activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls and Raids, considering how important Well of Radiance used to be. However, a Bungie developer has justified this decision on the same Reddit post and has also apologized for not informing the community about it. “This is not a bug or a stealth nerf. Genuinely missed it in the patch notes and is by design,” he wrote.

“Goal was to make it so the casting warlock still got it's [sic] benefit but the team which was erroneously getting it no longer did. This lead to DPS accelerations that we did not intend for or could meaningfully sustain season over season.” He also mentioned how Focusing Lens will still buff the damage of other light supers.

Bungie devs have already discussed the idea of Destiny 2’s sandbox becoming a little more weapon-focused. This is one of the reasons why the devs also decided to nerf the one-hit-kill abilities used in PvP activities. Nerfing Well of Radiance seems like another step in that direction, forcing players to put extra effort into getting that weapon-induced damage.

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