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Building A Future: Enriching Your Child's Learning And Life Through Games

As I write this issue’s All Ages editorial, my daughter is next to me, her face buried in my phone. She eventually asks me what “beta” means, and I tell her. She’s playing a game called Wordscapes, which is an excellent tool for helping kids practice spelling and discover new words. My daughter and I worked out a deal that if she plays 20 minutes of Wordscapes, she can then scamper upstairs to play Roblox with her friends for the next two hours. She balked at the idea at first but has taken to enjoying Wordscapes. She periodically asks me for help and cashes in her in-game coins for answers when she has them, but the game is helping her learn, and I’m grateful for it.

Wordscapes is for kids eight years of age and older. It’s a free download but is one of those miserable apps loaded with ads. You can remove all of them through the in- game shop for $5.99. One of the great things about Wordscapes is how it continually feeds new challenges to the player to create a playthrough free of stops or being kicked out to a menu.

Minecraft: Switch Edition


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