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Bugsnax: How To Find And Catch All Bugsnax In Scorched Gorge

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Once you've made your way to Snaxburg in Bugsnax and convinced Beffica to return, two more areas will unlock for you to explore and meet more grumpuses. One of these is Scorched Gorge, to the west of the central town and quite a dry, arid place.

It's here that you'll meet Triffany, Cromdo, and a whole lotta Bugsnax. This is an area that you'll definitely have to come back to if you want to catch everything, as there are a few Bugsnax here that require tools and sauces that you don't have access to initially. That said, there's nothing too challenging here.

Every Bugsnax In Scorched Gorge

BBQ BungerLoves cheese, ketchup, and ranch dressingMeaty, Aggressive
Sweet FryderLoves cheese, ketchup, and ranch dressingSweet
RibblepedeLoves hot sauceMeaty
PoptickLoves cheese and chocolateEvasive
SpuddyLoves cheese and ketchup, hates SpuddiesAggressive
ScorpenyoLoves cheese, hates hot sauceAggressive, Green, Spicy
Shy WeenywormHates ketchupMeaty
CheepoofIs only active from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PMFlying
White CheepoofIs only active from 6:00 PM to 4:00 AMFlying
Crystal SweetieflyIs only active from 4:00 AM to 4:00 PMFlying, Sweet
Green PeelbugLoves chocolateGreen, Fruity
Puffy Snakpod

How To Catch Every Bugsnax In Scorched Gorge

As previously mentioned, the Bugsnax here don't require much effort to catch, but you will need some tools that you don't have when you first enter the area. Here's everything you'll need:

  • Sauce Slinger
    • You can find hot sauce in the area and you'll have access to chocolate in Simmering Springs, but you'll have to come back once you've found cheese in Sizzlin' Sands.
  • Lunchpad
  • Buggy Ball
  • Snakgrappler (possibly, for some Snakpods)
  • AppearanceNameLocationHow To Catch
    BBQ BungerThere is a single BBQ Bunger on the hill in the middle of the area, behind Cromdo's camp.A good way to get a Bunger is to launch it down to the lower level by placing the Lunchpad in its path. From there, make it follow you until you reach a Spuddy. When the Spuddy eventually charges the Bunger, you can pick it up.
    Sweet FryderYou can see a Sweet Fryder across the gorge from Cromdo's camp. It walks on the wall.Launch your Snak Trap across the gap using the Lunchpad you received from Cromdo. When the Sweet Fryder moves into its path, trigger the trap. Don't worry about not being able to reach the other side, the gust from the nearby windmill will push the trap off.
    RibblepedeYou can find multiple Ribblepedes clinging to the walls and ceilings inside the ruins where you met Triffany.Lure Ribblepedes down from to the ground and then into your Snak Trap using hot sauce from your Sauce Slinger.
    PoptickPopticks are so tiny that they can be hard to see, but you'll always find a few wherever you find a Scorpenyo. They're found in the gorge.To catch a Poptick, you'll first need to puff it up with a bit of heat. Cover it in hot sauce and any Scorpenyo that sees it will shoot it with flames. Once popped, you can catch a Poptick by luring it into your Snak Trap with a sauce it likes – either chocolate or cheese, both of which are not found in this area.
    SpuddyThere are a few Spuddies patrolling the gorge to the left of the area's entrance from Snaxburg.Spuddies will charge any entity they see, so use this to lure two close enough that they see each other. A Spuddy that gets attacked by another Spuddy can be picked up with the Bug Net.
    ScorpenyoThere are two Scorpenyos in this area, hanging out on the outer walls of the gorge.To put the flaming Bugsnax out, you'll need some way to get them into the shallow water that flows through the gorge. You'll need cheese, a late-game sauce that can only be grabbed in Sizzlin' Sands to do this. Lure the Scorpenyo through the water to get some cheese and you can just scoop it up. Be aware that any nearby Popticks will also sweep up the cheese, so you might need a healthy stock of the stuff.
    Shy WeenywormYou can find a few Shy Weenyworms behind the breakable wall that Triffany needs you to break as part of her recruitment quest.These Bugsnax hate ketchup. To get one, place your Snak Trap down and cover it in ketchup – the Shy Weenyworms will charge it. Make sure you trap them before they knock your trap away.
    CheepoofThere are a few Cheepoofs that fly around the gorge during the day.Catching Cheepoofs is an easy task. Just use the Lunchpad to launch your Snak Trap at them and close the trap as soon as the trap's ropes turn blue.
    White CheepoofThere are a few White Cheepoofs that fly around the gorge during the night.
    Crystal SweetieflyThere is a Sweetiefly right by the entrance of the area from Snaxburg.You'll need to use the Lunchpad to launch your Snak Trap at the Crystal Sweetiefly on the wall, but only when it's asleep. If it notices the Snak Trap while it's awake at any point, it'll flee. Place it down and launch it quickly.
    Green PeelbugThere are Green Peelbugs living in the tunnels that you can see in the walls of the gorge.Firstly, you need to figure out which tunnel entrances are connected. Once you've found a pair, place your Snak Trap at one end and send your Buggy Ball through the other. It'll flush the Peelbug right into your trap.
    Puffy SnakpodThere are five Puffy Snakpods in Scorched Gorge. They can only be found again once you've caught them all once:

    • On the rock held up by a thin column next to the wooden platforms that let you reach the second level
    • On the wall in the narrow slit that runs between the two halves of the central hill
    • On the bottom of the wooden bridge that leads to Sizzlin' Sands
    • Above Triffany's sleeping bag
    • Attached to a windmill blade on the windmill near the BBQ Bunger
    Snakpods are stationary and can be scooped up with your Bug Net or caught with your Snakgrappler.

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