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Bugsnax: How To Find And Catch All Bugsnax In Boiling Bay

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Boiling Bay is one of the three late-game areas that you'll have to visit in Bugsnax. It perfectly encapsulates the vibes of a beach on a hot summer's day, but you're not here for rest and relaxation – you're here to catch some Bugsnax!

This is when the game starts to get a little more complex, and you'll have to deal with both frosty and fiery Bugsnax here. Get used to leading them into lava and water respectively, and be patient. Here's how to get them all.

Every Bugsnax In Boiling Bay

There are 15 Bugsnax to nab in Boiling Bay. The table below details their behavior and any traits that would be handy to know for quests or when catching them.

Green CrappleLoves chocolate and peanut butterFruity, Green
GrapeskeetoLoves chocolate, is only active from 4:00 PM to 4:00 AMFruity, Aggressive, Evasive, Flying
Golden KweebleLoves chocolateFruity
Greater CocomiteLoves chocolateAggressive
Lesser CocomiteLoves chocolateAggressive
La SodieuxHates chocolate, cheese, hot sauce, and fire
NoodlerLoves hot sauce and cheeseMeaty, Spicy, Aggressive
PaletossFruity, Aggressive, Sweet, Frosty
Paletoss GrandeFruity, Aggressive, Sweet, Frosty, Breakable
Red BanopperLoves chocolate and peanut butterFruity, Red, Evasive
Flamin' CheepoofRed, Spicy, Flying
SherbieLoves chocolate, hates Noodlers and Flamin' Cheepoofs, fears PaletossSweet, Aggressive, Burrowing, Frosty
Fruity SnakpodFruity
MinimakiLoves MinimakiMeaty, Aggressive, Flying
MegamakiLoves MinimakiMeaty, Aggressive, Flying

How To Catch Every Bugsnax In Boiling Bay

You'll require the following tools to complete your Bugapedia in Boiling Bay:

  • Sauce Slinger
    • All sauces required (chocolate and hot sauce) can be found in Boiling Bay.
  • Trip Shot
  • Snakgrappler
  • AppearanceNameLocationHow To Catch
    Green CrappleThere are a few Green Crapples that patrol the coastline, usually staying underwater.Lure the Green Crapple into your Snak Trap with either of the sauces it likes. You can get chocolate sauce without leaving the area.
    GrapeskeetoThere will be a Grapeskeeto flying around the chocolate sauce plant during nighttime.An easy way to nab this snak is to get some Cocomites out in the open (see below for how to do this) and then cover it with chocolate sauce. Get the Grapeskeeto to notice a chocolatey Cocomite and it'll fly right into it, stunning them both.
    Golden KweebleYou can find Golden Kweebles near the bushes in the area.As with the Kweebles from the previous area, you can lure a Golden Kweeble into your Snak Trap with chocolate.
    Greater CocomiteThere are two coconuts hanging from trees in the area. You can either use the Snakgrappler on the tree or the shell itself. Throw it into the lava and it'll break into a Greater and Lesser Cocomite.You can either use the Grapeskeeto catching method detailed above to get the Cocomites, or trip them with the Trip Shot.
    Lesser Cocomite
    La SodieuxThere are two cans that patrol the sea.Lure them onto the beach using sauce. You can lure them right into your Snak Trap. They clean sauce quickly and have quite the range, though, so keep the trail going!
    NoodlerThere are two Noodlers slowly swimming in the lava pool in the cave.You need to put out the Noodlers' flames before you can catch them. An easy way to do this is to cover your Buggy Ball in hot sauce – the Noodler will follow it. Lead the Noodler to the coast, where a La Sodieux should put it out and make it ready to catch.
    PaletossBreaking apart a Paletoss Grande will create two Paletoss.To defrost a Paletoos, simply get it to follow you through lava.
    Paletoss GrandeThere are a few Paletoss Grandes on the main beach area.Catching a Paletoss Grande before it splits into Paletoss is an involved process. First, you'll need to set up your Trip Shot close to the ground – you'll be luring the Paletoss Grande into it under a time limit. Now, lure the Paletoss Grande into the lava to trigger its countdown to break apart. Trigger its aggression again by getting close, and then lead it through the Trip Shot. Remember, if you walk through your Trip Shot wire yourself, you'll break it.
    Red BanopperYou'll hear a Red Banopper before you see it. You can see them leaping between shaking trees.You'll have to knock a Red Banopper out of the sky using the Trip Shot to pick it up.
    Flamin' CheepoofThere are two Flamin' Cheepoofs flying around the cave with the lava pool and Noodlers.There are two ways to put out a Flamin' Cheepoof's flames. First, you can get a frosty Paletoss to the lava cave and use the Lunchpad to launch it at the Cheepoof – but this can be hard to get right and the Paletoss will be useless after falling in the lava. Alternatively, lure a La Sodieux all the way to the cave – it takes a lot of sauce and persistence, but it's more reliable once it's inside the cave and it'll put the Noodlers out to boot. Alternatively, place the Lunchpad underneath the La Sodieux's path and launch it towards the cave – it should end up on a different path that takes it near the Cheepoofs.
    SherbieThere is a lone Sherbie at the end of the peninsula.You must first get the Sherbie out of the ground by making it angry at you and luring it to a stone platform. After that, try to get it to follow you into some lava. Sherbies end up knocking themselves out on their own quite regularly, too.
    Fruity SnakpodThere are a few Fruity Snakpods hidden around the area, and they only respawn after getting all of them.

    • Inside the cave with the lava, on the left-hand side
    • On the roof of the shipwrecked hull on the small island with a treasure chest on it
    • Between two trees to the left of the island with the chest, hidden in some grass
    • Inside the barrel to the right of the area's entrance
    • On the mast of the shipwreck that Floofty called home
    You'll need the Snakgrappler to get some of these Snakpods.
    MinimakiMinimaki are gathered as part of the Megamaki fight. They can also be found naturally in Boiling Bay once the Megamaki quest has been completed.Knock them over with the Trip Shot when trying to get them when not part of the Megamaki encounter.
    MegamakiYou fight a Megamaki and catch it as part of Wiggle's questline.Check out our guide to the Megamaki encounter here.

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