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Buggsnax: How To Catch Daddy Cakelegs

Hidden within the Bugsnax sidequests are a series of pseudo-boss fights against some one-of-a-kind superbugs. The only way to add these bugsnax to your collection is by completing quest chains for specific characters. If you’re facing off against the Daddy Cakelegs in Frosted Peak, or if you simply need to know how to find it, here’s our Daddy Cakelegs walkthrough.

Snorpy Saves The World

Daddy Cakelegs is part of Snorpy’s sidequest chain. After meeting Snorpy in Sugarpine woods and convincing him to return to Snaxburg, a new quest chain called Snorpy Saves The World will be available.

Snorpy will first ask for a scoopy banoopy. Scoopy banoopys can be found in the Frosted Peak at the base of the mountain. Using chocolate in your slingshot, lead the scoopy into the cave where a stewdler is patrolling. When the scoopy and the stewdler are close, fire hot sauce at the scoopy to aggravate the stewdler. The stewdler will pick up the scoopy and the scoopy and lose its frozen effect while the stewdler will lose its fire. Place a trap next to them and you can trap both bugsnax at the same time.

Snorpy’s will then ask you to light all the flairs in the Snaxburg. There are seven flairs to light all around the camp. Attach a trip shot from the first flair onto the second one directly in front of it to light the on fire. Next, connect the second flair to the one high up next to the boat on the hill. From the third flair, connect to the one directly in the center of the farm. Head back to second flair and connect it to the campfire.

From the campfire, shoot a trip shot at the next to Beffica’s house. The last two flairs are on the roof of Elizabert’s house and Eggbert’s house. You can reach both of them from the campfire. If you’re not sure which house you’re looking for, there is a sign over each entryway that says the name.

Catching The Daddy Cakelegs

Finally, follow Snorpy to Frosted Peak to confront the Daddy Cakelegs. Snorpy will lead you into a cave where a single candle is poking out of the snow. Connect the trip shot from the torch to the candle to start the encounter.

The Daddy Cakelegs will move quickly around the cave creating large blocks of ice. Your goal is to light both of the candles on Daddy Cakelegs using the trip shot. It can be difficult to hit the candles with all the ice blocks in the way, so use the trip shot to connect the torch to the ice blocks to melt them. Once some are clear, aim the trip shot at one of the candles to lock-on to it and wait for the Daddy Cakelegs to slow down or stop momentarily to fire one it.

Once both candles are lit, the Daddy Cakelegs will disappear. A group of baby cakelegs will lead you to his next location, make sure you catch one to add it to your log. The next location is at the bottom of the mountain in front of the large door.

Repeat the same process there by light two of the candles. Finally, Daddy Cakelegs will move one more time towards the right side of the base of the mountain. Here, he will climb around on the walls and be even more difficult to hit. Lock-on to his candles and wait for him to slow down before taking the shot.

Once all the candles are lit Daddy Cakelegs will shrink. Run up to him and catch him with your net, then feed him to Snorpy to finish the mission.

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