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Brooks/Parker triumph in chaotic eNHPL races at Road America

Things got wild at Road America with the eNASCAR Heat Pro League in the penultimate round of Segment 3 in the 2020 championship fight.

Xbox One

Daniel Buttafuoco led the field to the green flag in what turned into a very chaotic 15-lap race. He led Luis Zaiter and the two made slight door-to-door contact entering the first corner, but carried on.

The action was constant and carnage expected as several drivers got into it in the early running. Things got heated in the battle for sixth three laps into the event, ending in a crash for Nick Walker and the first caution of the race.

On the following restart, Buttafuoco continued to lead with Justin Brooks now second. However, the green-flag run did not last long as Walker went off into the grass and came back across the track, collecting Diego Alvarado and Matthew Heale. The caution flag flew once again. 

Buttafuoco lost the lead on the following restart due to Matthew Selby sending it into Turn 1, pushing Brooks into the side of the race leader. Selby emerged on top, but it did not last long as he was sent into the wall off the nose of Brooks. 

Chaos ensued throughout the pack as cars ran off and slammed into each other, but the race remained green until Zaiter spun.

It turned into a two-lap shootout with Sam Morris desperately trying to fend off Brooks, but the win would slip away through the final corner as Brooks was able to sneak by.

Brooks took the race win for the JTG Daugherty Throttlers with Morris second, Walker rebounding for third, Heale fourth and Brian Tedeschi fifth. Buttafuoco ended up a disappointing seventh after getting roughed up.


Buttafuoco’s Germain Gaming teammate Kyle Arnold led the way to kick off the PS4 race, which went green long enough to even have a round of green-flag pit stops.

Arnold extended his lead to over four seconds when the caution flew with eight laps to go. Joe Gornick slammed into Maxwell Castro, who slowed abruptly out of the final corner.

Things then escalated as the following restart was halted by another caution. Joey Stone was able to take over the lead on the restart but just before taking the white flag, the race was put back behind the pace car once more, much to his dismay.

Brandyn Gritton took the leaders three-wide into Turn 1 on the ensuing restart, forcing both Arnold and Stone wide. Arnold then appeared to retaliate against Gritton, sending both drivers off track and gifting the race lead to Josh Parker for yet another restart.

Parker was able to cruise to the checkered flag after a pursuing Castro spun on the final lap, claiming the race win for the Joe Gibbs team. Mike Braas was second, Castro third, Arnold fourth and Stone fifth.

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