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Bring The Mandalorian To Life With New AR App From Google

Season 2 of The Mandalorian has reached its midpoint, with episode five scheduled to release on Friday, November 27. If you’re having trouble passing the time in between each new episode, Google has developed a brand-new AR app that might help you get your Mandalorian fix.

The aptly named Mandalorian AR Experience is an “immersive AR app” that can “bring the world of The Mandalorian to life in your own space.” The app/game follows the trail of Mando, Din Djarin, and the Child. You’ll be able to interact with characters from the series in augmented reality and take screenshots of the action to share on social media.

Google, Disney, and Lucasfilm all worked together to bring The Mandalorian AR Experience to life. Matthieu Lorrain, Head of Creative at Google AR, said the “teams collaborated to build hyper-detailed models and life-like animations – all while packing scenes with fun surprises.” Lorrain also said you can “discover and unlock even more effects based on your actions. And thanks to the new ARCore Depth API, we also enabled occlusion, allowing 3D scenes to blend more naturally with our world.”

The only downside? It only works on 5G Google Pixels and select other 5G Android devices. Still, as a free app it’s worth a look to see if it’ll run on your phone. If you can download it, you’ll be treated to new content every week on “Mando Mondays,” giving you something new to explore between episodes of The Mandalorian.

If you can’t run The Mandalorian AR Experience on your phone, that doesn’t mean your Star Wars fix will have to wait until Friday. Google Play has dozens of Star Wars related apps – in fact, there are several books, movies, and games that relate directly to The Mandalorian. Google recently put together an impressive list of Mando-related content on its platform, including the ever-popular Knights of the Old Republic game and the Star Wars: Age of Republic comic book.

The Mandalorian AR Experience is now available on the Google Play Store.

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