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Bravery And Greed: How To Use The Free Training Mode

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  • How To Start Free Training
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It's not very common to find training modes in a beat-em-up game. However, some recent titles, like Streets Of Rage 4, have far-encompassing training modes that review every aspect of the game. Other newer titles, like Final Vendetta, stay true to the genre's arcade roots by requiring players to figure out the game's mechanics independently. So, where does Bravery And Greed fall on this scale?

While Bravery And Greed's training modes are not the most in-depth you'll ever see, they cover a lot of ground. For instance, a Class Training mode walks you through your character's special skills. Furthermore, a Free Training mode allows you to experiment with the game's mechanics and replicate several battle scenarios.

How To Start Free Training

Free Training is one of the resources available to you in the game's Tavern. Once you enter the Tavern, travel down the hall to the last door. Then, press the down button to enter the Free Training room.

How To Set Parameters

Training parameters are custom settings that allow you to recreate specific battle scenarios and practice strategies to overcome them. To adjust these settings, walk to the book sitting on the altar and press the down button. The parameter menu will open, allowing you to adjust three parameters regarding your training.

To change a parameter, use the up and down buttons to navigate to the parameter you wish to change. Then, press the confirm button to cycle through each option. Once the parameters are to your liking, press the back button to leave the menu and begin training.


This parameter allows you to set where the enemy gets placed on the stage. There are four options:

  • Free: This option maintains the enemy's position. If you switch to this option from another position, the enemy will return to the center.
  • Left: This option positions the enemy behind you, near the door.
  • Center: This option positions the enemy in the stage's center.
  • Right: This option positions the enemy in the far-right corner of the stage. The right position is best for practicing long-range attacks.


This parameter sets enemy behavior during training. There are four options:

  • Normal: The enemy remains grounded and does not attack or guard.
  • Jump: The enemy repeatedly jumps into the air, allowing you to practice midair and anti-air attacks.
  • Attack: The enemy performs a predictable attack when you approach them. This stance helps you practice parries, counters, and other defensive techniques.
  • Aggressive: An AI controls the enemy so that you can practice battle techniques that would apply in-game. Note: Since the dummy cannot move, its behavior is the same in Attack and Aggressive mode.


This parameter sets the kind of enemy you fight during training. There are four options:

  • Dummy: A standard practice dummy with limited mobility.
  • Troglodyte: A small/medium melee enemy that fights with a spear.
  • Beastman: A large power-type enemy that fights with an axe. Attack start-up is slower, but attack damage is more significant.
  • Goblin: A small/medium long-range enemy that fights with a bow-and-arrow.

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