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Bravely Default 2: Rare Monster Guide

Bravely Default 2 features Rare Monsters, essentially optional bosses that can be found throughout the world. These bosses can pose quite the challenge depending on your level, but they also offer some rather worthwhile rewards in terms of experience and job points earned, as well as some rather nice items that you can steal from them, or that they can drop.

The great thing about these Rare Monsters is that they respawn after a little while, so you can repeat the fights and this means that they’re great for farming experience and job points. We’ve got a list of all the Rare Monsters right here, so you can go on a hunting spree and level up your party and their new jobs far more easily. Rare Monsters do not flee or run at you, though you can flee from the battle with them if you are struggling and then try again at a later time.

Coral Emperor

  • Location: Near Halcyon, on the northern edge of this area
  • Weaknesses: Lightning, Daggers, and Swords
  • Family: Aquatic

Coral Emperor absorbs magical damage, so avoid having magic-casting job roles assigned to your characters other than the healer. Despite being weak to Lightning-based attacks, it will still absorb these magic attacks. It also absorbs Water-based attacks.

Leannan Sith

  • Location: Near Halcyon, on the south-eastern islet on the shoreline
  • Weaknesses: Lightning, Daggers, and Bows
  • Family: Spirit

This is arguably the easiest Rare Monster in the game so it shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. Just watch out for its Charm move, and attack any allies that become afflicted with this. It only takes half-damage from Earth-based attacks, is immune to Dark attacks, and absorbs Wind damage.


  • Location: Near Halcyon, on the north-west edge of the map
  • Weaknesses: Lightning, Dark, and Axes
  • Family: Plant

This inconspicuous-looking boss is a tree that is different from its surroundings, so just attack it to start the battle. Treant will enter the battle with some additional enemies for you to defeat. It absorbs Water, Earth, and Light attacks.


  • Location: Near Savalon, you must travel through the Underground Reservoir area to get to this location
  • Weaknesses: Earth, Water, Swords, and Spears
  • Family: Aquatic

It only receives half-damage from Fire-based attacks. Mushussu is also fought as part of a side-quest but is always in the same location regardless of whether you have the quest active or not. It will have other enemies alongside it during battle.


  • Location: Near Savalon, on the south-eastern section of this area
  • Weaknesses: Water, Lightning, Light, Swords, and Bows
  • Family: Undead

This Rare Monster is likely familiar to many players as it featured in the demo. Fire-based attacks only do half-damage to it and it absorbs Dark-based attacks. As an Undead enemy, you can simply turn your healing spells into lethal magic against this guy.


  • Location: Near Wiswald, on the eastern area of land
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Daggers, and Axes
  • Family: Plant

This Rare Monster is relatively well-hidden, and so players might find that they stumble on it accidentally. It’s the pale mushroom shape hidden in the foliage. This guy will continue to summon Fungoo adds to aid it in battle. It is immune to Lightning and absorbs Water, Earth, and Light damage.

Orc King

  • Location: Near Wiswald, to the north-west of the area
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Spears, and Bows
  • Family: Humanoid

Orc King will be accompanied by various Staggermoth enemies. It only takes half-damage from Daggers, Staves, Water, and Earth attacks.


  • Location: Near Wiswald, on the northernmost part of this area
  • Weaknesses: Water, Light, and Swords
  • Family: Insect

Baal has a really hefty amount of HP and so this will be a long and difficult battle. It only takes half-damage from Earth attacks and is immune to Dark attacks. It’s best to use Magic damage dealers with this guy, or melee attackers who don’t need weapons (Monk), as it can damage/steal any weapons you use to physically hit it with.


  • Location: Near Rimedhal, to the very east of this area
  • Weaknesses: Lightning, Light, Daggers, and Spears
  • Family: Demon

It only takes half-damage from Wind attacks, is immune to Water, and absorbs Dark attacks. This boss is a heavy hitter and counters to a lot of things, so play it safe with this one.

Baba Yaga

  • Location: Near Rimedhal, on the north-western area of the map
  • Weaknesses: Wind, Daggers, and Bows
  • Family: Humanoid

This is another easy Rare Monster, making it ideal for farming. Baba Yaga will be accompanied by two adds as well, so take those out first. Keep an eye out for its Charm attack, and hit any of your allies that are afflicted with this. It only takes half-damage from Staves, Earth, and Dark attacks. It also absorbs Lightning damage.


  • Location: Near Rimedhal, exit Rimedhal from the north passage on the right side of the city to access this location
  • Family: Insect

This boss is well-hidden, but you just need to attack the sandpit shown in the screenshot above. This boss also features in a side-quest but can be found regardless of whether you are undertaking the relevant quest or not. Jormungandr will be accompanied by various adds into battle.


  • Location: Near Holograd, on the southern area of the map
  • Family: Humanoid

Holograd is full of tough enemies, so be careful of these when tackling the Rare Monsters found in this area. Cyclops is a tough guy to beat, so play it safe when fighting him and prioritize keeping your health topped up.


  • Location: Near Holograd, to the west of the map
  • Family: Demon

Like other Rare Monsters in the Holograd area, Susanoo is no pushover. It is Fire-based, so utilize your best Fire-defensive equipment and skills to try and mitigate this damage.


  • Location: Near Holograd, on the northernmost edge of the map
  • Family: Spirit

This is another tough Rare Monster to beat. Unsurprisingly, Zeus is Lightning-based, so if you have equipment and skills that will reduce Lightning damage, be sure to use them.

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