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Bowser Congratulates Xbox For A Successful Launch Of The Series X And S

No, not Bowser the giant reptile monarch who just can’t get enough of manhandling a certain Italian plumber. We’re talking about Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser, whose name just happens to be the same as a famous video game character. Stuff like this happens all the time in this industry.

In a show of capitalistic sportsmanship, Bowser extended a hearty congratulations to rival Xbox on Twitter earlier today writing, “Congratulations to @Xbox @XboxP3 on the launch of Xbox Series X | S today.”

Although, one could argue that there’s not a whole lot of competition between the Nintendo Switch and the new Xbox Series X. Nintendo has taken aim at the family-friendly mobile market, while Microsoft is aiming at capturing the hardcore gamers with a next-gen console capable of loading modern games faster than you can blink.

Still, this message just goes to show the current golden age of camaraderie in the gaming world, made even more apparent by the emphasis on crossplay with each new title.

But not everything is smooth sailing in the Xbox Series X/S launch. Amazon has notified those lucky enough to land a Series X/S pre-order online that they might not receive their package today as planned. Emails sent today are saying that due to high demand, pre-orders might not be fulfilled until the end of 2020. That sort of sucks and angry gamers are definitely letting Amazon known on social media.

If you’re one of those unlucky souls to still not have an Xbox Series X/S, don’t fret. GameSpot has announced they’ll be offering a limited quantity of next-gen consoles in-store during their Black Friday sale. Of course, this means you’ll have to brave crowds of people during a pandemic, but what’s your health in comparison with next-gen gaming?

That’s a joke. We here at TheGamer do not recommend risking your health during a global pandemic just to pick up a next-gen console. There aren’t even any Xbox Series X exclusives to get excited over.

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