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Boutique Publisher Hound Picked Games Unveils Slate Of Charming Indie Titles

Indie publisher Hound Picked Games has just announced their lineup of indie games slated for a 2021 release on both PC and consoles.

Dan Muir, Director at Hound Picked Games, promises the modest collection of titles will cover a selection of “excellent and varied genres,” and will include “a Nintendo Switch console exclusive reveal of NAIRI: Rising Tide and prequel to the cult horror RPG smash hit, Camp Sunshine – Sunshine Manor – that’s set to release on all major platforms.”

Check out the following descriptions of each of the four upcoming titles below.

NAIRI: Rising Tide

Sequel to Dutch developer HomeBearStudio’s NAIRI: Tower of Shirin released two years ago, this beautiful point-and-click adventure follows the story of Nairi as she embarks on a quest to save her family. Cross paths with a host of characters both new and familiar from the first game, as you continue on your journey to put a stop to a looming all-consuming apocalyptic prophecy. The game is set to release on both Steam and Nintendo Switch next year.

Sunshine Manor

You’ll have to wait until Halloween 2021 for this one, unfortunately, but it’ll surely be worth the wait. Sunshine Manor is a prequel to the hit 16-bit horror game inspired by ’80’s slasher films, Camp Sunshine, developed by Fossil Games.

You play as Ada, who gets trapped inside the demon-infested Sunshine Manor on Halloween. Fortunately, Ada happens to be equipped with latent psychic powers which ought to help you defeat said demons, solve puzzles, and hopefully vanquish the omni-present Shadow Man. Sunshine Manor will come to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and PlayStation next year.


Mystiqa is a fantasy action-RPG designed by Julian Creutz and inspired by classics of the genre such as Zelda, Final Fantasy Adventure, and Dragon Quest, along with modern day titles such as Dark Souls.

The game – which is releasing in Q1 2021 – will boast a procedural, richly-detailed world containing varied biomes which determine the kinds of gameplay best suited to progress through them, as well as a hybrid class system allowing players to tailor their own character to their preferred gameplay style. Melee or ranged weaponry? There will be plenty of either to play around with.

Astral Equilibrium

This fast-paced action-RPG continues the story of Kjan and Elendel, who first popped up in the classic Game Boy Advance game Kien 20 years ago. With the help of the creators of the original game, the dynamic duo are back in Astral Equilibrium in hopes of defeating the evil Khaalbak. The two knights are destined never to meet, however, with Elendel harnessing her her magical spells and enchantments during the night, and Kjan fending off enemies during the day with his incredible martial prowess.

Astral Equilibrium comes to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021.

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