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Borderlands 3 Skywell-27 Typhon Logs Locations

Even before the events of the first game in the series, vault hunters have been searching the galaxy for the mystical vault for years by the time you pick up the thread in Borderlands 3. The first person to ever take up the mantel of a vault hunter was a man named Typhon, and he documented his adventures in a series of audio logs left all over the regions you will explore. Aside from just being humorous accounts of his quest, they also allow you to access valuable loot in his dead drops. While they may not be packed with as much as a vault, you’ll want to find all the Skywell-27 log locations and pick up this dead drop.

Skywell-27 Typhon Log 1 Location

Your first log can be picked up right after landing in Skywell-27. After activating the first fast travel point, you’ll enter a building with a “1” marked on the side. Go inside, up the two sets of stairs, and into the big room full of lootables and desks. On the far North wall, to the left of two lockers, is the terminal with the first log.

Skywell-27 Typhon Log 2 Location

Progress normally through the level until you come to the area where you run along the long series of pipes and platform along the cliffside. Stick to the left and on the final ledge will be the next terminal.

Skywell-27 Typhon Log 3 Location

After taking a big leap down to the lowest area on the map and enter the mining area, continue East through the red hallway into a more blue area where you’re meant to head right to progress. Instead, take a left and go around some crates to find a hidden ladder tucked on the left-side wall. Climb your way up and clamber up some boxes on top into a large vent. Carefully jump to the narrow ledge on the opposite side and collect the final log.

Skywell-27 Typhon Dead Drop Location

Once you have found all three Typhon logs, Tannis will inform you that she has uncovered the location of the dead drop. Bear in mind that even if you go to the location of the dead drop, you won’t be able to access it until you have picked up all three logs first.

From the last log, drop back down and keep on heading down the critical path. As you come up to the arena where you will face off against a boss, take a hard right to go up a staircase that leads up and above the area. Run all the way down here towards the red light at the end, but be careful not to fall down the hole in the floor at the end. The dead drop is in the big container against the wall. Pop it open to score yourself a nice selection of high tier weapons.

Borderlands 3 Skywell-27 Typhon Other Challenges

While you’re in the area, Skywell-27 has three other crew challenges you might want to knock out before you exit the area. These include:

  1. Finding two dead claptraps to salvage
  2. Find the Target of Opportunity

Complete them all to fully check this area off your list of things to do and get back on the trail of more loot.

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