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Blue Box Head Assures The World That Abandoned Is Not A Secret Kojima Project

Try as they might, it seems Blue Box Game Studios can’t quite shake the conspiracy theory that their game Abandoned is actually a big secret Kojima project. The Internet really thinks its onto something with this one, but the so-called “evidence” seems merely to be a collection of coincidences combined with people’s hope-fuelled imaginations.

According to Blue Box head Hasan Kahraman, Abandoned really has nothing to do with Hideo Kojima or his studio, Kojima Productions. However, “it doesn’t matter how much I try to debunk all this,” Kahraman said. “People don’t believe it. They just expect something that’s not out there. It bothers me.”

Ever since the birth of P.T. – which is widely considered to be one of gaming’s most historic moments – fans have been primed and ready for something similar to grace their consoles. Thanks to the general air of mystery and off-beat nature of Kojima’s work, fans are understandably a bit sus of anything that seems even vaguely like something Kojima would do.

While there had been suspicions around a connection between Abandoned and Kojima since the game’s reveal in April, they grew exponentially when Blue Box posted a highly suspicious tweet last week (now deleted). It read that Abandoned was actually a code name, and that the game’s final title would start with an S and end with an L. Of course, everyone’s minds leapt to Silent Hill, but it seems that’s yet another one of the weird coincidences that have been attached to the project.

On the one hand, the whole thing is quite amusing. By being so damn good at crafting elaborate mystery and anticipation surrounding their past projects, Kojima and co. have inadvertently set up this expectation amongst the gaming community that anything could be a clue indicating a new Silent Hill game. 

At this point, Kahraman says they have done all they can to try cut their suspected connection to Kojima, and that “If people still continue to believe in this rumor, that’s up to them.”

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