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Bloodborne: How To Make Djura Friendly & Unlock The Brush Off Dust Gesture

There aren’t many friendly NPCs in Bloodborne, especially when it comes to Hunters. The average Hunter will attack the player on sight, leaving no opportunity to talk things out. Those that do stand around for idle chit chat are usually tied to questlines that end in their brutal deaths (or the brutal deaths of others who almost certainly didn’t deserve their wrath.)

Found in Old Yharnam, Djura will shoot players on sight with his Gatling Gun – making him one of Bloodborne’s most memorable NPCs on introduction. That said, most players who run into Djura this way are actually missing out on their entire questline. Djura is a fascinating character who adds an incredibly important perspective to the hunt in Bloodborne. Taking the time to make (and keep) Djura friendly is more than worth it. Especially since he teaches the Dust Off Gesture.

Defeat Darkbeast Paarl

While there are anecdotal claims about only needing to defeat the Blood Starved Beast to make Djura friendly, Darkbeast Paarl is the actual trigger. That said, the Blood Starved Beast does play a key role in paving the way towards the boss. Darkbeast Paarl is located in the Hypogean Gaol, one of Bloodborne’s secret areas. To gain access to Hypogean Gaol, players must:

  • Get through Old Yharnam without attacking Djura.
  • Defeat the Blood Starved Beast at the end of the area.
  • Let a Snatcher in Cathedral Ward kill you.

If killed by a Snatcher in Cathedral Ward, Hunters will be kidnapped and whisked away to the Hypogean Gaol where they’ll wake up in a jail cell. Along with being able to send Adella the Nun (a fellow prisoner) to either Iosefka’s Clinic or Oedon Chapel from here, the Gaol will eventually lead to a boss fight with Darkbeast Paarl.

Darkbeast Paarl is a boss fight that requires a decent bit of patience, balancing dodging with comboing with an emphasis on avoiding damage. That said, Darkbeast Paarl buffs itself with Bolt damage 1 minute into the battle, so it’s important not to whiff any attacks. For added help, Arcane and Fire damage go a long way. Defector Antal can also be summoned, equipped with a handy Flamesprayer.

Sneak Into Old Yharnam From Behind

Only after defeating Darkbeast Paarl can Djura finally be friendly with the player. This isn’t an automatic process, however. Should Hunters seek out Djura from Old Yharnam’s entrance, they’ll be met with the same Gatling Gun fire they’re surely used to by now. The only way to approach Djura without aggroing him is to sneak into Old Yharnam from either the Church of the Good Chalice or the Graveyard of the Darkbeast.

The boss arenas where players fought the Blood Starved Beast and Darkbeast Paarl respectively, both Lanterns lead back into Old Yharnam. Conveniently, Darkbeast Paarl’s Lantern features a shortcut that brings players relatively close to Djura in Old Yharnam. Open the locked gate in the boss arena and keep following the street up the first staircase up ahead.

  • Hook a right up another flight of stairs.
  • Turn left into the tower.
  • Head into the building and scale it all the way to the top.

There are multiple enemies lurking inside so be mindful, but at the very top will be a series of ladders that’ll eventually lead up to Djura. Be careful not to kill any enemies on the way to Djura, however. He has no interest in hurting the beasts of Yharnam so be quick to run past anything and everything that you aggro along the way.

Spare The Beasts

As long as all the criteria has been fulfilled, Djura won’t be hostile when spoken to. An older Hunter, Djura no longer wants to hunt the beasts of Yharnam. He holds himself up in Old Yharnam, a city long forgotten and overrun with beasts who have nothing left to hurt or harm. Recognizing that all beasts were once people, Djura will do anything to protect those who have been turned against their will.

In order to gain a better understanding of the player, Djura questions their motives. Hunters can answer that they’ve come to Yharnam to either “Hunt the Beasts” or “Spare the Beasts.” Answering “Hunt the Beasts” understandably aggros Djura on the spot, whereas “Spare the Beasts” earns his trust and keeps him friendly so long as you don’t hurt any enemies in Old Yharnam. In exchange for the player’s kindness, Djura will offer the Powder Keg Hunter Badge and teach the Brush Off Gesture.

Duel With Djura

Getting Djura friendly and keeping him so isn’t exactly worth the effort in the grand scheme of things, at least not to maintain. Once Djura has been made friendly, feel more than free to strike him down – but be ready for one of the hardest Hunter fights in Bloodborne. Djura has an insanely large health pool and he deals massive damage. Trying to fight him on a first visit to Old Yharnam is basically suicide.

Djura is fast enough where healing with Blood Vials becomes impossible with perfect timing. The safest way to kill him is to try to kick Djura off the top of his watchtower, but this is much easier said than done. Djura’s also a master at parrying, making him one of the singlest hardest fights in Bloodborne – boss or otherwise.

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