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Black Adam Is Coming To MultiVersus Next Monday, Class And Partial Moveset Revealed

MultiVersus developer Player First Games has finally managed to pin down a release date for Black Adam's introduction to the roster, as he'll finally be added to the game next Monday on October 31. This is following a slight delay, after MultiVersus initially stated that Black Adam would join at some point this week.

Revealed via the official MultiVersus Twitter account, we also got a few more hints at how Black Adam will play. According to his character card, Black Adam will be a Bruiser and not a Tank like many people may have assumed given his similarity to arch-nemesis Superman. We've also been given descriptions of some of his moves, and it sounds like Black Adam might actually be a bit more nimble than we'd previously thought.

The first of these moves is called 'Lightning Surge' which will allow Black Adam to use his powers to electrify enemies. It's not specifically stated, but this sounds like it could be a new status effect. The second move called 'Aton's Havoc' will let Black Adam grab enemies and shock them with a beam of lightning, while his third move called 'Heru's Flight' will let him briefly fly in any direction.

Black Adam joins MultiVersus next Monday, and it's highly likely that the game's previously announced Arcade Mode will join him. The mode was announced alongside Black Adam, so it stands to reason that it was also slightly delayed along with him. It could potentially inject a bit of life into the title, and MultiVersus director Tony Huynh has even revealed that you'll be able to play through Arcade Mode with a buddy as it will feature online co-op.

As for who's next to join the roster, voicelines for both Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz were found not too long ago, although it's difficult to see them joining soon what with the spooky season almost over.

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