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Black Adam Is Apparently Joining MultiVersus October 25

Despite not having seen anything of Black Adam yet, it seems that he might be joining MultiVersus in just a matter of days, as a recent email from Warner Bros. advertising the release of the movie makes mention of MultiVersus and claims he's joining the game October 25.

As shared by reliable MultiVersus insider multiversusie, Warner Bros. has seemingly started sending around an email that gives Black Adam a release date. The email simply reads, "Play as Black Adam in MultiVersus on October 25th!", before giving a general summary of what MultiVersus is all about. It sadly doesn't give any kind of hint as to how Black Adam will play, but it seems like it won't be long until we find that out for ourselves.

Releasing Black Adam in just a few days would certainly make sense. Not only does it tie into the release of the film in that brand synergy way that corporations love so much, but it'd also track with MultiVersus characters and patches almost always releasing on a Tuesday. We also usually only get a few days of teasing before an official release, so this does line up with what we've had so far.

Although we haven't seen anything official from Black Adam so far, something that seems likely to change in the next few days if this date is true, there have been a few hints and leaks. Just the other day Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus, Tweeted "I like flying", which was taken as a hint towards Black Adam's abilities, possibly indicating he has a playstyle similar to Superman's.

We also know from leaks that he'll have a move where he can summon a few electric orbs and seemingly keep them on the map as a trap for players. This leak was from the start of Season 1, however, so it's entirely possible that it's been changed since then. Finally, we've also briefly been able to hear his voice thanks to a leak, confirming he won't sound like The Rock at all.

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