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BioWare Soon To Launch Brand New Liara Body Pillow

Fans of the franchise, rejoice! The popular character from Mass Effect, Liara, is going to be featured on a brand new body pillow. When the product will be available for purchase remains to be seen, but according to official sources, the wait won’t be long.

The news comes directly from the BioWare Gear Store which created some confusion about the matter in a recent email to subscribers, later noting on Twitter that “um, oops! LOL. Yes, there will be a Liara body pillow releasing soon.” The company later noted how the “image of the Liara body pillow we accidentally used in this morning's email isn't very big. Would you like to see a better one?” The official account then posted a picture of the promised body pillow, saying simply “soon.”

This comes about a year after a Garrus body pillow finally turned up on the BioWare Gear Store. The whole affair can be traced back to April 1, 2014 when BioWare teased the product as a joke for April Fool's Day. The company went on to sell a couple of these shortly after April Fool’s Day in 2019 before permanently stocking the item in April, 2021.

“Catch some Z’s with Garrus Vakarian when you put this cover on your body pillow,” the official description reads. “One side lets you meet his gaze as he lies on his back with his head on his hand. The other side has him curled up on his side for when you want to spoon.”

“Settle into Garrus’s embrace or wrap him snugly in yours,” the official description continues. “You might even imagine him whispering sweet nothings into your ear like ‘your waist is very supportive’ or ‘let’s sleep in, those calibrations can wait.’ One can dream, right?” Something similar can soon be imagined coming from Liara.

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