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Best Grass-Type Pokemon In Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes the Pokemon formula and turns it all on its head. You’re able to catch and battle Pokemon in real-time, all while establishing the world’s first Pokedex. Getting to move around in a large world and interact with Pokemon is also fluid and fun. There are familiar favorites, but not every Pokemon makes the cut.

As you explore the Hisui region, you’ll encounter a number of adorable and powerful Grass Pokemon. The Grass-type does have the most weaknesses, but they make up for that with resistances to Leech Seed and spore and powder-based attacks. There are familiar favorites and a couple of new regional varieties that make up the best Grass-type Pokemon in Legends: Arceus.

8 Abomasnow

Brrr! Is it cold in here or is it just Abomasnow? These Grass and Ice-type Pokemon live in snowy mountains. It appears only when snow flowers bloom and then retreat back into isolation. .

Because of its typing, Abomasnow is four times weak to Fire-type moves, but does have access to some very powerful moves like Wood Hammer and Blizzard. If you can conjure up a hail storm in battle, it can make Abomasnow even more deadly. This can be helpful in making Blizzard hit enemies.

7 Tangrowth

Tangrowth, the evolved form of Tangela, is a bit of a beast. It’s covered in vines that, per the Pokedex, can be used to ensnare its prey. In battle, it can learn moves like Energy Ball, which may lower an enemy’s special defense. It also has access to poison moves like Acid Spray and Sludge Bomb.

Its high defense makes it sturdy while its special attack stat lets moves like Energy Ball and Sludge Bomb hit hard. Tangrowth is slower, but that makes sense with its bulking size.

6 Roserade

Roserade is a beautiful bouquet Pokemon that is both Grass and Poison-type. It lures its prey in with a sweet aroma before swiftly knocking its opponent out with one of the bouquets in its hands.

Thanks to its move pool, Roserade can either poison enemies or cause other status effects to help give you the upper hand. Status effects can make all the difference in a battle, and Roserade’s move-set can give you the edge you need to survive a deadly encounter.

5 Hisuian Electrode

Electrode gets a new regional form in Pokemon: Legends Arceus. Rather than being just an Electric-type, it is also grass, since its body is similar to an Apricorn, one of the materials that make up Pokeballs in the game.

Like its previous iteration, Hisuian Electrode is extremely agile, being one of the fastest Pokemon in the games. Pair that with the addition of Agile moves, and they could easily attack several times in a row. Light Screen and Reflect are also available and this can be helpful with building a defense for your party.

4 Torterra

Pokemon designs have always been fun, though some gamers have taken issue with past entries including Pokemon that look too much like inanimate objects – we’re looking at you Vanilluxe. Torterra doesn’t take that route and instead is designed with multiple nature elements in mind.

In fact, it has an entire freaking continent on its back. Well, not entirely, but is known as the Continent Pokemon. It has a high attack and decent defense making it a bulky Pokemon that might be worth keeping in your party.

3 Shaymin Sky and Land

If you’re into Tier Rankings in Pokemon at all, both Shaymin’s Sky and Land forms both are at the top of the Grass-Type ranking as S-Tier. Shaymin Sky is faster and has an added flying type but has lower defense and special defense.

Shaymin Land is bulkier and can take more hits, but its special attack and speed are lower. In order to acquire it, you will need to have save data for Pokemon Sword or Shield on your Switch, and it’s only possible to get these Pokemon once the credits have rolled.

2 Leafeon

The Eeveelutions are some of the most popular Pokemon in the series, and thankfully, every single one of them is obtainable in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Leafeon is always surrounded by fresh air due to its ability to photosynthesize.

It has both a high attack and defense, but it does suffer from low HP, special attack, and defense. If you’re unsure on how to obtain one, here’s a hint: you’re able to evolve an Eevee by using a Leaf Stone or Mossy Rock which can be found in the game’s world.

1 Hisuian Decidueye

Decidueye, the final form of Rowlet, gets a fairly major change in Pokemon Legends: Arceus since it has a regional variation. Besides looking completely different, it is both a Grass and Fighting-type. Because of its owl-like appearance, it’s also able to learn Flying-type moves like Brave Bird in addition to Aura Sphere, a Fighting move, and Leaf Storm, a Grass move.

Hisuian Decidueye's Pokedex entry reads that its feathers insulate it against the extreme cold which points to why this regional variation exists compared to the regular final evolution that doesn’t deal with cold climates.

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