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Beating All Of Overwatch 2’s Battle For Olympus Challenges Could Take Two Weeks Of Grinding

Overwatch 2's latest event, Battle for Olympus, seems pretty inoffensive at first. Essentially just a reskinned deathmatch mode, its main gimmick is that the few Heroes you can pick have all have reworked ultimates, making them much more powerful than they are in normal game modes. However, this selling point has been undermined by one of its more frustrating new additions: the challenges.

To unlock new profile titles, you have to get 300 kills as each Hero. Every Hero in the game mode has their own title and challenge, meaning the 300 kill count has to be repeated seven times if you want to nab all of the collectables. Worse yet, fans are not estimating that doing this would require hours of play every single day for a full two weeks – time that many of us simply can't dedicate to the game.

"So, with the update from January 5 also came the Battle for Olympus game mode and some event challenges," says Reddit user SirBlubblegum. "Seven of those are 'earn 300 final blows as [insert hero]'."

Going by this, SirBlubblegum attempts to calculate how long it would take to get 300 kills as each Hero. Using the generous assumption that we're getting 17 eliminations per game (speak for yourself, mate), it turns out that each challenge would require 18 games to complete, which take around ten minutes each. Adjust this for the amount of Heroes in the game mode, and it's estimated that it would take a staggering 21 hours to beat all the challenges.

Since few of us would be up for marathoning that, this would equal out to an average playtime of 1.5 hours a day. For two weeks. Just playing Battle for Olympus, and nothing else. I think any of us would be sick of it by then.

Of course, this is still assuming you are quite good with the characters. With seven to choose from across three different classes, there's a good chance that you're not a pro with all of them. So if you're averaging about seven kills as Widowmaker… then you better strap in for some even longer Battle for Olympus play sessions.

In the replies to the initial post, others agree that it's taking far too long to beat these challenges.

"I grinded three hours to get the Pharah title, averaging maybe 10 kills per match," says BOTFrosty.

"17 elims is way too high. In every match I've been in, the average is closer to 10. Probably lower," replies Gargomon251. "The matchmaking is terrible, so there will be one guy with 20, and second place with 12."

Of course, you don't need to complete all of the challenges, but you'll need to do at least six of them if you want to get the Mercy skin that's up for grabs. And as a Mercy main, I can think of nothing worse than locking it behind a Deathmatch mode – there's a reason I'm playing the Hero that doesn't require aiming, Blizzard.

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