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Beast Boy Is Coming To Fortnite With A Teen Titans Cup

A Teen Titan is about to join the ranks of Fortnite as Beast Boy makes his appearance this week. Epic Games made the big announcement that the DC Comics character will become available as a skin to unlock for players.

Beast Boy is the latest character to be added to the massively successful battle royale title. He joins his better half Raven, who was previously added during season six as a battle pass skin. It isn’t a coincidence to see Beast Boy eventually being added to the roster since Raven also happens to be in the game. This should be a real treat to fans of Teen Titans to see both of these fan-favorite DC characters in the same game. However, it looks like players will have to make a purchase to get him. A price for the young hero hasn’t been revealed as of yet.

Those looking to unlock him won’t have much trouble doing so. The way to win him early is by participating in the upcoming Teen Titan Cup. Just like other tournaments, players will need to log in at a specific time and earn enough points in order to get onto the leaderboard with a high ranking among other players. This will pair players in duos, just like the romantic pairing of Beast Boy and Raven. The competition will begin on May 12 for anyone interested in getting a head start in obtaining Beast Boy. The big news was shared on Fortnite’s Twitter page, revealing that those who have participated will also be rewarded with a BBRae Loading Screen, which commemorates the two lovebirds with artwork from Teen Titans artist Gabriel Picolo.

Also known as Garfield Logan, the Teen Titan will come with a great collection of cosmetics to choose from. Players can get the Beast Bat pickaxe, which is basically a bat wrapped with the character’s iconic green and purple colors. There’s even a Couch Titan back bling that is just a pizza strapped onto an Xbox controller. For those looking for some new emotes, Beast Boy also comes with one where he basically turns into a big green gorilla. He’ll also come in two outfits: the classic Teen Titan costume and his casual look with a hoodie and jeans.

Beast Boy will be making his way to Fortnite when drops in the item shop on May 13 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

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