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Bear and Breakfast: 8 Relatable Things Every Player Does

Management sims are known for fostering feelings of calm, even when they're based on extremely hectic professions. Bear and Breakfast is no different. It's a deeply relaxing game, weaving an adorable aesthetic with a light, fun gameplay loop. You'll be renovating old, grubby buildings into enticing vacation rentals for humans who want to spend a little downtime in nature.

As Hank the bear, you are going to find yourself bustling around the map, discovering new places, new friends, and more crafting materials than you'll know what to do with. Of course, not every day offers something totally new, but that's no matter — habits don't take long to form.

8 Chasing Your Guests (Sorry)

This is, first and foremost, a bed-and-breakfast management game, so expect a steady flow of guests. With their trusty cameras in hand, you'll see your visitors on leisurely strolls, taking in the scenery. Though you may be an unwitting hotelier, it's still always a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves.

It's a pity you can't talk to them directly — when you come close to your guests, they will run from you. After all, you are a big, scary bear, and your cool trucker hat isn't going to cut it; you're going to need a lot more clothes to make them feel at ease. It's not like the guests know that you put together their accommodations, so fleeing is the natural response. You can tell yourself that you're chasing them because you want to connect. Or, you can accept that seeing them scurry away from you is hilarious.

7 That's Mine And That's Mine And That's…

Any game with crafting mechanics will encourage you to gather the materials you need for whatever you're trying to create. Luckily, in Bear and Breakfast, most materials will reappear daily, right where you picked them up last time. And, since a good portion of the beginning of the game is spent in limbo as you wait for the next quest to begin, you'll have ample time to search everything, everywhere.

As more and more guests visit your resorts, the currency you use to buy things (read: garbage) from Took the raccoon will be more plentiful, so it’s always worth it to walk around every area and pick up anything you see. If you're wondering who is placing these perfect planks of wood down, don't worry about it — the important thing is you can build a second shabby bed.

6 Visiting Your Mom

Just because you're running a B&B empire doesn't mean you don't want to hang out with your cool mom from time to time. Back home in The Thicket, your mom is keeping busy with her day-to-day, though she's always happy to see you when you stop by. She doesn't have much to do, and her lines rarely change. Still, her constant presence, and your ability to quickly reach her, gives you the support you didn't know you needed as you undertake this hotel-building adventure.

There's no real incentive to see your mom, no special treats or boosts or anything quest-related. However, like so much else in Bear and Breakfast, it fills you with the warm and fuzzies. And not just because you're both bears.

5 Redecorate, Constantly

In spirit, we're all interior designers, and Bear and Breakfast gives you a lot of opportunities to show off your exceptional decorating taste. Different guests want different things, so you'll likely find yourself redecorating spaces in the effort to keep and attract more visitors to the forest. Eventually, you'll have enough rooms to keep even the snootiest guests happy. While things will be pretty limited at the outset – with few options for items, and very little space to work with, soon you'll be an expert all kinds of decor, with more than enough area to prove it.

Until then, you'll have to do some DIY. Shabby furniture is still furniture, after all. So, even with a limited skill set, you'll make those rooms pretty. Or, at least, make them feel livable. For now, the furniture may be thrown together by big, ungraceful paws, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

4 Friendly Bear Noises

Saying hello to everyone every day is far from a requirement of the game, but who can argue with the fulfilling feeling of being a good neighbor and manager? As you build up your resorts, you'll meet more and more characters strewn about the world, and you'll probably want to chat with them.

Making the rounds might feel like a waste of time, but why wouldn't you go out of your way to meet with the characters that are, for all intents and purposes, your friends? If you're frustrated with waiting or a particularly picky guest, taking a stroll to meet up with a friend is an excellent use of your time.

3 Finishing Objectives Before They Start

Sometimes, you might beat Bear and Breakfast to the punch. For example, suppose you're already diligently picking everything you see off the ground. You need all this trash to build fancier accommodations, after all. It's just that picking up what looks like inconsequential garbage can inadvertently complete quests before they even begin.

There's something very satisfying about seeing a new objective appear on the side of your screen, only to immediately cross itself out. If you're into exploration, expect to see this a lot. It saves you some time, and you get to do what you're best at — collecting absolutely everything, all the time.

2 Meander Around

While the mechanics are fun, there is an issue with Bear and Breakfast — namely, that you will be doing a lot of waiting. Like, a lot. Trying to hit the mission milestones to progress further into the game may seem impossible when you only have one shack, with maybe two bedrooms at most and a certain quota of guests to fill before you can move on.

You can't fast-forward, and whether you're especially annoyed by this is up to you, so all you can do is wander. These waiting periods are great times to gather supplies, see if anyone has anything new to say or just embrace Hank's chill vibes as you roam the map. At least taking in the scenery is why you're opening bed and breakfasts in the first place.

1 Rain Compliments Down On Gus

The A24, the second area that opens up to you, has a surprisingly large population for such an arid place. Here, you'll find a dump, some mice (or rats?) and two large, empty buildings begging to be renovated into slick destinations for human tourists. You will also find Gus, strolling near the motel.

When you speak to the possum he'll make sure to tell you that he's the meanest jerk you've ever met. He doesn't like compliments, so, of course, you've just got to tell him that he's actually a very nice possum deep down. What does this accomplish? Nothing, really, though you get to see Gus' flustered, funny expression as he insists he's terrible. But, hey, you did something nice, and even if Gus doesn't appreciate it, it was worth it.

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