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Battlefield 6 trailer audio leaks – verified by trusted leaker

The trailer for this year’s Battlefield is still not out, but the audio for it is, which hopefully means it will release very soon.

So much of this year’s Battlefield game (otherwise referred to as Battlefield 6) has been leaked, even before EA officially announced it. And now the reveal trailer has leaked too, although not in the way you might expect.

The trailer’s contents are admittedly still a mystery, but apparently the audio has found its way online. Of course it’s hard to tell if it’s legit but judging by Tom Henderson’s reaction, it is indeed real.

Henderson has been leaking information about Battlefield 6 for ages now and is regarded as a trusted source of info, especially since his original Twitter account was suspended.

He wasn’t the one to leak the audio and while he states that it does come from the planned announcement trailer, he advises that no one actually listen to it. If you don’t care about being spoiled, you can find it on Reddit.

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