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Balan Wonderworld Is A New Action Platformer From Square Enix

The Balan Company, Square Enix’s newly established action-game brand, has revealed its first game, Balan Wonderworld. Announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, Balan Wonderworld is an action game themed around musical theatre and set in the strange and wondrous Balan Theatre.

You play as both Emma and Leo, who each have special abilities to tackle the platforming held within the imaginative world of the Theatre. Abilities are tied to over 80 costumes, which you can switch between to solve puzzles and battle specific enemies. The costumes are also tied to the personal worries of people that populate the Balan Theatre.

The theatre itself is a place place where memories and vistas mix and morph into the real-world, bringing in items that people hold dear to their hearts. It’s described as a world people visit when reaching a “turning point” in their lives, which will be explored during the game’s story.

Not much is known about The Balan Company other than their focus on action-orientated games and their composition of both in-house and third-party developers. Balan Wonderworld is helmed by Sonic alumni Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima, who are working together for the first time in 20 years. Balan Wonderworld is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X and will support Smart Delivery when it launches in Spring 2021.

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