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Baalphazu Event Guide In Halloween New World

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  • How To Activate The Baalphazu Quest
  • Where To Find Baalphazu
  • Tips For Defeating Baalphazu
  • Turning In Your Baalphazu Rewards

New World's Brimstone Sands expansion is now live, and alongside the new area, revamped starting quests, and new Great Sword weapon, there is also a Halloween event!

This event takes you out on a mission to defeat Baalphazu, a giant world boss that will require a large group/several groups to defeat. This guide shows you how to activate the quest, where to find Baalphazu, and some tips on how to defeat the boss. Happy hunting!

How To Activate The Baalphazu Quest

Recall or return to any city on the map, and you'll find a giant cauldron in the center of town. Speak to Salvatore who is standing next to the cauldron and click the first option. He will tell you of an evil monster that has been unleashed on the world – Baalphazu.

On this screen, you will also find the Halloween Event item shop, which includes cosmetics, furniture items, and level 60 legendary crafting recipes for Halloween-inspired items. These are a great way to craft items with certain guaranteed perks, so you better get grinding the event to unlock them all.

You must be over level 35 to activate this quest.

Where To Find Baalphazu

Baalphazu is a world boss that will spawn in one of six different regions.

  • Great Cleave
  • Edengrove
  • Weaver's Fen
  • Brightwood
  • Ebonscale Reach
  • Mourningdale

The area the boss spawns is marked by a purple icon on the map that looks like the one in the image below.

Head over here – watch out in the chat, there might be groups recruiting players – and defeat the boss.

Tips For Defeating Baalphazu

Baalphazu is actually a multi-stage boss fight and one of the more complex World Bosses added to the game so far.

  • The fight starts with multiple mobs spawning, ranging from level 55-60. You need to defeat these first.
  • After you defeat the Pumpkinites, you will need to pick up the Pumpkin Heads and throw them at Baalphazu.
  • Pumpkins drop after you defeat the mobs.

Baalphazu has a total of 23 MILLION HEALTH and loads of physical and elemental damage reduction – this means you really need to use those Pumpkins to break the boss' stamina bar.

  • When you break the boss' stamina bar, Baalphazu will fall to the ground. This is your prime DPS burst window.
  • Watch out for Gourdspewer and Calabashers – both these mobs will drop a healing zone on the ground when you defeat them.

You can defeat Baalphazu multiple times – this is how you earn event reputation for the Halloween Event shop and rewards track.

Turning In Your Baalphazu Rewards

After you defeat Baalphazu, return to town and dump the dropped Ichor into the Cauldron. This will give you a reward, as well as the chest you receive from Salvatore for completing the quest. Completing these quests and turning in Ichor will reward you with Event Reputation – there are two ranks this time around, Fledgling and Nightveil Sentinel.

  • At Rank 1, Fledgling, you can unlock cosmetic, emotes, and furniture.
  • At Rank 2, Nightveil Sentinel, you can unlock patterns for 600 gear score weapons/shields.

These green weapon patterns will still require you to use all your buffs to get max 600 Gear Score. However, the 600 gear score patterns guarantee a legendary item. It's a great time to focus on grinding and crafting as these patterns do have the Keen perk guaranteed, with varying percentage chances of other perk rolls.

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