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Astroneer: How To Collect Gas

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  • Making An Atmospheric Condenser
  • Collecting Gas From The Condenser
  • Crafting With Gas

In addition to gathering and collecting natural resources in Astroneer, you will get the opportunity to collect atmosphere and turn it into gas. With the Atmospheric Condenser, you can passively collect gas on different planets, which can later be used at the Chemistry Lab.

Prior to collecting gas for the first time, you may be a little confused about how to do so. Fortunately, this guide is here to help you. In this guide, you are going to learn how to collect and use gas gathered on different planets. First, let's take a look at crafting the key tool: the Atmospheric Condenser.

Making An Atmospheric Condenser

To collect gas you need an Atmospheric Condenser. This is an item that passively collects atmosphere depending on the planet that you are currently on. The Atmospheric Condenser unlocks for 2,200 bytes and can be printed from the medium printer with the following materials:

  • 1 Plastic
    • Made by combining a compound and carbon at the Chemistry Lab.
  • 1 Glass
    • Made by smelting quartz.
    • 1 Iron
      • Made by smelting hematite.
      • Once built, you just need to place the condenser on a platform with a source of power. The Atmospheric Condenser will require 20 U/s of power, so be sure to set up an efficient source.

        What Gas Does The Atmospheric Condenser Collect?

        Below, you can check out which gas is collected by the Atmospheric Condenser depending on the planet that it is placed on.

        • Hydrogen
        • Nitrogen
        • Hydrogen
        • Sulfur
        • Hydrogen
        • Argon
        • Nitrogen
        • Hydrogen
        • Methane
        • Argon
        • Methane
        • Nitrogen
        • Sulfur
        • Helium

        Collecting Gas From The Condenser

        The Atmospheric Condenser will gather gas and store it for you in any available spots nearby. For example, if you have a condenser on Glacio, it will collect argon until the container is full and store it for you to grab. If there are no available slots to deposit the canister, then the condenser will stop production. Because of this, be sure to place a storage area nearby, allowing gas to continuously be collected.

        If you look through the research catalog, you may notice that you can craft gas canisters as well. These are not necessary for the Atmospheric Condenser since you receive a small canister for free. However, the crafted medium gas canister comes in handy if you plan to transfer the gas from the small container.

        Crafting With Gas

        Each gas is used in important blueprints to aid in your travels through the solar system. Below, let's take a look at each gas, as well as what it can be used for. All the blueprints below can be created at the Chemistry Lab.

        GasBlueprintMaterials Required
        • 2 Ammonium
        • 1 Hydrogen
        • 1 Carbon
        • 1 Iron
        • 1 Argon
        • 1 Resin
        • 1 Quartz
        • 1 Methane
        NitrogenTitanium Alloy
        • 1 Titanium
        • 1 Graphene
        • 1 Nitrogen
        SulfurExplosive Powder
        • 2 Carbon
        • 1 Sulfur
        HeliumNanocarbon Alloy
        • 1 Titanium Alloy
        • 1 Steel
        • 1 Helium

        Overall, collecting gas isn't too difficult. Be sure to set up a storage system near your Atmospheric Condenser, so it can constantly collect the gas for you.

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