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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wrath Of The Druids: How To Get The Dublin Champion Armor Set

The Wrath of the Druids DLC was added to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and with it came the Dublin Champion Armor Set. It is the perfect thing to wear while you explore Ireland and fight the Children of Danu who are wreaking havoc across the land, based on its stats alone. This set does take some time to find and unlock, but it is well worth it for those who are obsessed with this game.

One thing to keep in mind is that your stats might be different based on what you have spent your points on in the skill tree. However, you won’t regret your decision to uncover the location of the Dublin Champion Armor Set in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

How To Get The Dublin Champion Armor Set

The Dublin Champion Armor Set is one of the best armor sets and it cannot be found, rather, it must be earned. You have to increase your renown in Dublin by giving materials to the merchant at the Azar Trading Post.

The ways in which you can gather these materials are as follows:

  • Raid Monasteries
  • Capture Trading Posts
  • Complete Trade Contracts

Dublin has five levels of Renown, and you will need to reach them all in order to unlock three pieces of this set. The other two pieces can be acquired by defeating the two Lost Drengrs in this region.

This set is great to have as simply equipping two pieces will increase your ranged and stealth damage. If you manage to find all five pieces then you will be given an additional bonus for ranged and stealth damage on top of the advantage already give to you.

Dublin Champion Armor

  • Location: Giant’s Causeway, Ulster

The Dublin Champion Armor can be a bit difficult to acquire as you will need to defeat a Lost Drengr called Blud the Giant. They can be found at Giant’s Causeway in Ulster and they have a power level of 427.

This Lost Drengr will dual wield a Great Sword and a Dane Axe, so the hits they land will be brutal. You just need to make sure you have your best weapons equipped and once they are defeated then you will be awarded this piece of armor.


  • Armor: 38
  • Light Resistance: 25
  • Evasion: 20
  • Heavy Resistance: 21
  • Weight: 10

Dublin Champion Cloak

  • Location: Azar’s Trading Post

All you have to do to acquire the Dublin Champion Cloak is to help Dublin reach Renown Level 4.


  • Armor: 32
  • Light Resistance: 20
  • Evasion: 20
  • Heavy Resistance: 26
  • Weight: 10

Dublin Champion Helmet

  • Location: Azar’s Trading Post

The Dublin Champion Helmet can be obtained by promoting Dublin to Renown Level 5.


  • Armor: 37
  • Light Resistance: 23
  • Evasion: 20
  • Heavy Resistance: 23
  • Weight: 10

Dublin Champion Bracers

  • Location: Azar’s Trading Post, Dublin

You need to upgrade Dublin to reach Renown Level 2, then this piece will automatically be added to your inventory.


  • Armor: 35
  • Light Resistance: 26
  • Evasion: 20
  • Heavy Resistance: 20
  • Weight: 10

Dublin Champion Breeches

  • Location: Downpatrick Head, Connacht

If you travel to a region called Connacht then you will come across an island called Downpatrick Head. This is where you will encounter a Lost Drengr named Hogne Sea-Tossed and he will fight you with a Dagger and a Sickle.

His power level is 425, but using your best bow to hit his weak points can help you defeat him early on during your trip to Ireland. Once he is defeated you will be given the Dublin Champion Breeches and the armor set will be complete.


  • Armor: 33
  • Light Resistance: 21
  • Evasion: 20
  • Heavy Resistance: 25
  • Weight: 10

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