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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Seas Of Fate Guide

The Seas of Fate is the seventh main story quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It begins right after you finish Birthrights and is based on Sigurd’s new plan to sail to England in order to avoid bending the knee to King Harald.

This is one of the longest quests you’ll have come across so far. Although it features quite a lot of cutscenes, there are some tricky parts of The Seas of Fate that could leave you a bit stumped — it left me that way, anyway. That’s why we’ve put together this The Seas of Fate guide as part of our comprehensive Assassin’s Creed Valhalla walkthrough. Here’s how to get to England in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as well as instructions on what to do when you arrive there.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Seas Of Fate Guide

After finishing Birthrights, your first objective will be to go into the building where Sigurd is, which is highlighted by a quest marker. Interact with the door and you will be ushered in and told to keep your voice down. A cutscene will play where Sigurd talks about leaving Norway and sailing to England in order to avoid becoming Harald’s subjects — he is unhappy with his father’s decision to bend the knee and thinks it would be best to start fresh across the pond. When the cutscene finishes, make your way to the docks. Another cutscene will play and King Styrbjorn will pay for the men you killed if you got into any fights on your way to find Gorm. Despite his pleas for Sigurd to reconsider, Eivor and Sigurd will maintain that the only remaining option is to head to England — board Sigurd’s longship and set sail for (literally) greener pastures.

At this point you will be pulled out of the Animus for the first time. Layla wakes up as Shaun walks in and speaks to her, Your control will shift to Layla, who will look at Eivor’s excavated skeleton in the garden outside and wonder aloud about how they are mysteriously the key to “everything.” Head back into the log cabin, watch the cutscene, and interact with the Animus to go back to 9th Century Norway.

After a series of lengthy cutscenes, you will eventually resume control of Eivor as you approach England. However, your progress will soon be halted by a large chain spanning the river, preventing passage for all inbound ships. In order to remove the chain, you’ll need to get off the longboat and sneak into the camp on your right. Make sure not to enter the camp yet, as you’ll need a plan of attack — these enemies are stronger than the ones you went up against in the fjords of Norway.

This is good practice for getting into the habit of using Odin’s sight to survey enemy encampments later on, so be sure to scout out the area before making your move. The best route to take, in my experience, is as follows: wrap around to the left of the camp, wading through the shallow water right next to the river bank. You can crouch in the small grass here — as you press forward, you’ll see a little gap in the fence to your right. There’s only one guard here, and although he’s facing the gap, he can’t see you if you’re crouched. Whistle and assassinate him without leaving the tall grass to quickly and quietly take him out. Although other enemies can hear the whistle, none of them will actually see you, so whistle again to bring another one over, and another one, and so on. Eventually all of the guards within earshot will have fallen victim to your hidden blade. Pick off the last few with arrow headshots — you can easily spot their locations by using Odin’s sight, which will make them glow red.

Once you’ve safely taken everyone out, head into the building adjacent to the chain and climb the ladder. There’s plenty of basic loot here — nothing too special, mind, but it’s obviously worth picking up given that you’ve already cleared the camp. Once you’re at the top of this small tower, you’ll notice that the chain is being suspended by two golden valves on either side of it. The aim here is to take them out with arrows — if you’re all out, there should be some on the top of the tower Shoot the two valves and the chain will come loose, opening up a path for you and your crew to pass through. Head back down to the boat, climb aboard, and take command of the helm.

Setting sail after dismantling the chain ends The Seas of Fate and starts the next main story quest, Unwelcome.

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