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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: A Guide To All Of The Cairns (& Where They Are Located)

A mystery that you will encounter while playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is called a Cairn. It involves stacking a series of stones to reach the desired height, but it is often harder than it looks and requires a bit of patience. One tip to keep in mind is that the larger stones belong at the bottom of the stack, while the smaller stones can be better balanced near the top.

They are found in every region in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and their solutions are easy to copy once you know how to do it. However, keep in mind that there are several solutions for each Cairn so your finished product may not look exactly like someone else’s!


  • Location: South of Sudwella Monastery, Ledecestrescire

Start with the thickest rock and lay it on its side on the stone slab in the ground. Next, take the large but flat rock and lay it on top of this one. Finally, place the final two stones, with the bigger one being on the bottom, and then validate your design.

Maen Ceti

  • Location: Northwest of Thieves Warren, Glowecestrescire

This Cairn goes against the rules as you don’t want to put the biggest rock on the bottom, at least not for this solution. Instead, grab the biggest flat rock and place it as your base. Next, choose the other flat rock that is a little bit smaller, and then place the square rock on top of that. Finally, place the big rock with the flat side down on top of this tower and carefully put the smallest rock on top of it to complete the Cairn.

Cleeve Hill

  • Location: West of Belas Knap, Glowecestrescire

This Cairn is a bit of a balancing act as it takes a steady hand to make this work. You need to place the first stone on the far left of the rock platform. Next, take the large square stone and place it on the sloped edge of this rock, and then put the smaller square rock atop this one. Finally, balance the largest stone on the upper edge of the square stone and put the tiny rock at the very top.

Titterstone Clee Hill

  • Location: South of Dudmaston Lake, Sciropescire

You will want to start with the largest flat stone but place the flatter side up rather than down. Next, take the big square stone and stand it on end with the wider side facing up. The second flat stone comes next, and again, ensure the flatter side is facing up as the final stone has to sit on its face.


  • Location: Southwest of Olikana Tower

The great thing about this Cairn is that you don’t even need all of the stones. The two bottom stones almost fit into one another, but make sure the thinner rock is on the top. Next, take the big stone and set the thicker side up when you place it.

After this, you will put a small square rock on top of this one, then stand the long and thin stone on end. The final stone is another flat rock, but be careful as you don’t want to send your Cairn toppling down.

East Cape Peak

  • Location: East of Seahenge, East Anglia

It doesn’t really matter what order you place these rocks in, as long as you alternate their bulkier sides. The stones are all relatively flat, but you might just need to flip or twist them to achieve this result so you can go on to solve some World Events.

Kinder Downfall

  • Location: South of Odin Mine Hideout, Snotinghamscire

This Cairn is almost as difficult as some of the hardest bosses due to how you must stack the stones to reach the desired height. The two largest stones must be put on end at the top and bottom of the structure. The middle is first comprised of the flatter stone, then the two square stones must be put on top of it to create a flat surface.

High Rocks

  • Location: Southwest of Crawleah, Suthsexe

This formation starts with the biggest rock resting at the bottom, and make sure it is standing up rather than laying down. Next, find the two rocks that look like opposites of each other and stack them on top to create a flat surface. Once this is done you will be able to easily stack the flat rock, the square rock, and the smallest rock on top, which is something players often miss.

Heald Tor

  • Location: Southwest of Henge Farm, Hamtunscire

This Cairn is located in one of the hardest regions on the map and the difficulty of this puzzle matches this idea. You need to start with the roundest stone on the bottom and place it so the slanted flat surface is facing up.

Next, take the big square stone and balance it on top of this one, then take the last two stones and stack them accordingly. Its difficulty is part of the reason why players don’t complete this Cairn on their first playthrough.

Torghatten Rock

  • Location: The big island in Hordafylke

This is one of the easiest Cairns to complete as it can pretty much be done any way you want. They are all relatively flat except for one, so just make sure to focus on the balance of the structure when placing this rock.


  • Location: Southeast of Utangard Chasm, Asgard

The storyline is epic in Asgard, as seen in this walkthrough, but so is this finished Cairn. It is another shorter design and you want to keep the bulkier rocks toward the bottom while putting the flat and small rocks at the top. All you have to do is make sure the top two rocks are the smallest and place them evenly against each other in order to achieve success.


  • Location: West of Utgard’s Keep, Jotunheim

This Cairn can only be pulled off by someone with a knack for balancing objects. You want to start with the biggest rock and place its largest side at the bottom. Next, take the small square rock and precariously balance it atop this large rock. Finally, stack the two flat rocks then stand the longest rock on end to complete this mystery.


  • Location: West of Tsoka’we’kowahne, Vinland

When you travel to Vinland, this is one of the mysteries that you will come across during your adventure. You want to put the biggest rock at the bottom and place its flatter side up despite its incline. Next, you want to place the rocks on top according to their sizes, but put the first stone toward the upper end of the bottom rock. This is the best way to complete it while minimizing the frustration.

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