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Ash Ketchum Voice Actor Reveals Her Favorite Pokemon

The voice actor behind Ash Ketchum in Pokemon, Sarah Natochenny, recently opened up about her experiences playing the popular character, diving into the details for example about her favorite Pokemon. According to the voice actor, Pikachu has been among her favorites ever since the very beginning.

The news comes from a recent interview by IGN with Natochenny. Several other topics were broached, but the special importance of Pikachu to the voice actor is among the most fascinating subjects.

Ash is naturally dear to Natochenny, but several other characters from the animated series including Ash’s mom, various trainers, and of course a couple of Pokemon in particular are especially close to her heart, most notably Chansey and Buneary. Pikachu on the other hand gets pride of place. “Pikachu is my best friend,” Natochenny remarked. “Pikachu is the name of my cat. Pikachu is the cutest. Pikachu is universal and Pikachu is evergreen. Pikachu is the cutest character to ever have been drawn and animated.”

Natochenny has apparently never met the voice actor behind Pikachu, Ikue Otani. She has in fact hardly met any of her colleagues. “It's very lonely stuff and you don't realize the impact you're having until you get out there and do conventions and meet fans,” Natochenny explained. “I had no idea until I started doing conventions how impactful the work is and that's why I'm crying all the time now. I see the joy that I've brought to people's lives.”

The voice actor has been playing Ash for a total of 17 years. While the character is going to be leaving the animated series in the very near future, Natochenny pointed out that Ash will forever be a beloved figure. “It’s been an extraordinary privilege to have been the English voice of Ash Ketchum for what will be 17 years,” she noted. “No matter what lies beyond his final chapter, he’ll live forever in the hearts of many generations to come. I'll keep him present for all of us in every way I can.”

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