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As Dusk Falls: Chapter 1 Desert Dream Walkthrough

As Dusk Falls is one of the most compelling narrative games in recent memory. And it all begins with an engaging first chapter where you're introduced to several main characters and their family members. However, the chapter is more than just a simple introduction to the world. You also get to partake in an exciting heist and a thrilling hostage situation.

Throughout it all, you're tasked with making a litany of choices. These aren't just superficial decisions, either. You get to dictate how the whole adventure plays out. All those choices and their consequences are covered in this complete walkthrough.

Memory Game

After an opening scene of Zoe Walker, you get to a more wholesome sequence where Vince plays a memory game with his daughter, Zoe. You have to test her first, so you must choose something and see if she can remember its color. These are your options:

  • Old Fence
  • Big Truck
  • Restroom
  • Sky
  • Our Car

Your choice impacts the dialog but does not affect the game you're playing, as she gets the answer right no matter what.

Now it's your turn. So look at the shot of Vince and his daughter on the bench. Then if you're ready, tell her so. She asks you how many stars are on her backpack. You have the following choices:

  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Peek (This option appears after a few seconds)

The correct answer is six. If you get the outcome after peeking, the little girl won't be happy with your cheating. If you get it right without cheating, Zoe is disappointed to lose, but she accepts your victory in the memory game.

On The Road With Family

Once the memory game is over, Vince and his family get back on the road. Tap the 'A' button when prompted to start the car. For most of the ride, you participate in some chit-chat, which reveals some of the family's backstory.

Eventually, your wife, Michelle, and dad, Jim, get into a bit of a dispute. You're stuck in the middle and have to pick what to say. Here are the options:

  • "Michelle, leave it alone."
  • "Jim, Enough."
  • Stay out of it

Naturally, the person you don't side is a bit upset by that. Whereas, by staying out of it, the tension between Jim and Michelle remains. They don't get much time to argue, though, as you almost run into another car.

Vince starts to lose control of the vehicle, and you have to hit some quick-time events. If you fail, Zoe accidentally bites her lip. The car gets damaged regardless.

Deal With The Dog

In your first sequence controlling Jay, he and his brothers turn up at the house they're looking to rob. You have a quick talk with Tyler before learning the safe code is 5926. The game challenges you to remember this number later.

To get inside, you hop the gate. Unfortunately, though, this puts you face-to-face with a very protective dog. These are the choices you can make and their consequences:

Sneak Past
  • This leads to the animal chasing you.
  • You get some QTEs you must pass to avoid injury and lock the dog in the shed.
Throw Stick
  • Lobbing a stick doesn't work as well as you'd probably hope, as the dog ends up chasing you anyway.
  • Complete the QTEs to remain unscathed while locking the dog in the shed.
Talk To [The Dog]
  • Talking to the dog works as you calm the animal down and get past him.

If you get into a chase with the dog and fail the QTEs, you will still lock him up but pick up injuries in the process.

Regardless of how you deal with the hound, you end up in the house.

Search The Sheriff's House (Downstairs)

Now that you're in the Sheriff's house, you and Dale can look around. Your brother suggests wrecking the place, and you can be for or against the idea, but it doesn't seem to impact his actions.

While downstairs, you have to search for the safe. There are four things to interact with:

  • Framed Picture
  • Photo
  • Cabinet
  • Wallet

You only get the chance to mess with two of them. It doesn't really matter which you choose as the story continues down the same path regardless. Yet, if you do inspect the wallet, you can steal the money from it.

Dale doesn't take the stealthy aspect of the robbery too seriously as he roots around in the Sheriff's fridge. And in a juvenile prank decides to pee in the guy's lemonade. He orders you to help – you can agree to or not. If you decide to join in, you pee in the cola.

When the bathroom break is done, you head upstairs and find the Sheriff's wife in a wheelchair.

Check-In At The Desert Dream

You're back with Vince and his family for this section. The first decision to make involves the bell at the front desk. You get the option to ring it or wait.

If you ring it, you get a chance to ring it again. The woman working there, Joyce, will come out faster if you use the bell twice, but she'll be annoyed at you.

Vince asks for two rooms, yet he only has enough money for one. These are your options and their consequences:

  • With this option, you're able to convince Joyce to give you two rooms and pay for the second one tomorrow.
"One Room."
  • You get what you ask for with this choice as Joyce gives you the key to one room.
"Talk To Manager."
  • Joyce is offended that you don't think she's the manager and even accuses you of being sexist. Michelle steps in and defuses the situation.
  • Joyce gives you two rooms but isn't happy with you.

When you get to your room, Zoe immediately tests your parenting skills. She starts jumping on the bed, which Vince isn't happy about, so he asks her to stop.

The girl claims she'll stop if you let her watch TV. You get to decide whether you let her or not. Naturally, she will be happy if you agree and upset if you don't.

Stay With Michelle Or Go With Jim

Jim eventually enters, commenting on the room situation and Zoe's mood. He plans on going on a walk with your dog, Zeus, and wants you to join. Michelle, on the other hand, wants you to stay and give her a back rub. Your choice completely changes the next scene.

Stay With Michelle

If you stay in the motel room with your wife, Zoe will leave with Jim. You get an interactive segment where you give your wife a back rub. She reveals that Zoe's teacher has suggested that the girl should skip a grade because she's so advanced.

Michelle believes it could be good for her. Vince, however, shares concerns about her being the runt of the class and the added stress the situation will have on Zoe. You get to decide whether she should go up a grade or not. Michelle will be happier if you agree with her.

Go With Jim

When you select to go with Jim, Michelle is clearly unhappy with your choice. But you and Jim go for a walk anyway. The two of you talk for a bit, and there are a few dialog options – you can choose what you like.

Shortly after, he asks to move into your house. You can either tell him it's not a good idea or that you'll talk to Michelle. Of course, he's happier if you say you'll talk to Michelle.

Respond To The Robbers

At the end of this Vince section, the Holt brothers burst into the motel and point a gun at you. Tyler tells you to get on the ground. You have three possible responses:

  • Refuse
  • Say, "Who are You?"
  • Do It

Any response other than doing what they say gets you a punch in the stomach before the scene ends.

Deal With The Sheriff's Wife

Now, you return to Jay, who is currently inside the Sheriff's house staring at his wife. She makes a beeline for the help button. You have four choices:

  • Run
  • Yank Help Button
  • Stop Wheelchair
  • Calm Her Down

Only by yanking the help button can you stop her from calling for assistance. If you choose to stop the wheelchair or calm her down, you get another chance to grab the button.

Whether help is on the way for her or not, you enter the Sheriff's office to find the safe.

Find And Open The Safe

The safe you're looking for is inside the sheriff's office. More specifically, it's in the bookcase. When you first search there, you will find a book on birdwatching. So, you must search again to locate the safe. You can look at the other stuff in the room if you like, but it all seems inconsequential.

When you find the safe, Jay will quickly realize he lost the piece of paper that contained the code. Therefore, you must remember the combination from earlier or force it open.

Open Safe Using The Combination

The code for the safe is 5926.

When you're putting the cash in a bag, Dale asks you a hypothetical question about what you'd do with the money if it was all yours – this only occurs if the sheriff's wife didn't trip the alarm. You can answer what you like as it doesn't impact much going forward.

At the end of the scene, the two brothers head for the exit. This leads to you dealing with the sheriff downstairs.

Forcing The Safe Open

If you input the wrong code twice, Dale comes to help out. Together you try to open the safe with a crowbar. While trying, the sheriff pulls into the driveway. You get two dialog options:

"We Need To Go!"
  • Dale is unhappy with your choice and the sheriff makes it upstairs.
  • This leads to dealing with the sheriff upstairs.
"We Can Open It."
  • The two of you try to open the safe a second time.
  • It works, so you get the money and head downstairs.
  • This leads to dealing with the sheriff downstairs.

If the wife called for help earlier, you won't have time to open the safe before the sheriff enters the house, meaning you automatically go to the dealing with the sheriff upstairs sequence. Plus, one of the dialog options is worded differently.

Dealing With The Sheriff Downstairs

When you get downstairs, the sheriff comes waltzing into the house.

If you opened the safe with the combination and didn't let the wife raise the alarm, then you can get out of the house without being seen. But you must pass all the QTEs to do so.

Alternatively, if you either opened the safe by force, let the wife raise the alarm, or mess up your QTEs, the sheriff finds and points a gun at Dale. At this moment, you can either try to fight off the sheriff or run out of the front door.

Fight Off Sheriff
  • If you decide to fight off the sheriff, you can hit him over the head.
  • This gives you and your brother time to get out of the house and escape, while the sheriff follows.
Run To Door
  • Running out the door causes the sheriff to turn around. So, Dale attacks him and ends up shooting the sheriff.

If you try to fight the sheriff but mess up the QTE, the rest plays out the same way as the Run To Door choice.

Dealing With The Sheriff Upstairs

When the sheriff is coming upstairs, Dale hides behind the door and you have three options:

Window Escape
  • You attempt to jump out of the window and Dale reluctantly joins you.
  • You have a series of QTEs as you make it to the truck.
  • You successfully leave, but without the money.
Hide Behind Desk
  • When you're hidden behind the desk, Dale attacks the sheriff but begins to lose the battle.
  • You can either attack the sheriff or run (consequences of that decision below)
Pry Open [The Safe]
  • If you choose to pry open the safe, you get one last chance to open it.
  • When the sheriff enters the room, Dale attacks him but begins to lose the fight.
  • You can either attack the sheriff or run (consequences of that decision below).

Attack The Sheriff Or Run Out The Door

Attack The Sheriff
  • You hit the sheriff with the crowbar, saving Dale.
  • If you pried open the safe earlier, you take the money before leaving.
  • If the safe is still closed, you leave without the cash.
Run Out The Door
  • Running to the door causes a distraction and Dale ends up shooting the sheriff.
  • If the safe is open, you take the money. You leave the house regardless.

If you try to attack the sheriff but mess up the QTE, Gale shoots him.

Holts Storm The Motel

Regardless of how their sheriff's house heist went, the Holt brothers end up at the motel. And you play as Vince for the encounter.

The sequence begins with a few dialog options that don't make a significant difference. Then Joyce surprises the brothers and holds them at gunpoint.

She gets you to take the shotgun from Tyler and asks you to point it at them. The decision is up to you.

Regardless of whether you point the gun or drop it, you end up losing it, and Joyce gets punched – this occurs when Jay walks into the motel. However, if you choose to do what Joyce says and point the gun, you get more chance of calming her down later.

Tyler goes to make a call while Dale holds you all at gunpoint. After Joyce starts to question his character, Dale begins to throw things. He'll throw another cup if you ask him whether he has to do that.

By this point, the dog is unsettled, and Dale wants you to shut him up. You can try to calm the dog or Dale – neither works for a long time.

Your next choice, however, does change things, as you have to either Ask Joyce To Back Off or Quiet Zeus (the dog).

Ask Joyce To Back Off

If you did what Joyce said earlier and pointed the gun at the Holts, you can convince her to back down immediately. Plus, Jay goes up to Zeus and clams him down.

However, if you didn't point the gun, you have to pick between three dialog choices:

"He'll Wreck Your Motel!"
  • You fail to calm her down, and Zeus goes to Dale, so he kicks the poor animal.
"Be Reasonable… "
"Don't You Have A Son?"
  • You convince Joyce to back down, and Jay calms Zeus.

If you don't get Joyce to calm down, Dale orders you to put tape over her mouth. Doing so means she can't talk for a while. Whereas, if you refuse to use the tape, she gets to keep speaking, but Dale knocks you out – you are eventually woken up by Tyler for his interrogation.

Quiet Zeus

In this sequence, you grab the dog and have to pass some QTEs to stop him from wriggling away. If you fail, he'll run towards Dale, who will kick the dog.

Either way, Dale demands that you tape Joyce's mouth shut. Like before, if you do it, Joyce can't talk for the foreseeable future. And if you refuse, Dale knocks you out for a while.

Interrogated by Tyler

Tyler eventually realizes that you have way too much luggage for two people. So, he asks who is traveling with you. You get three options:

"Just My Dad"
  • You convince Tyler it's just you and your dad with the help of others in the room.
"My Family"
  • Dale goes to find your family. Tyler disapproves of you selling out your wife and kid.
  • Your family doesn't arrive when Big Sam is at the motel.
"The Circus" (You have to wait a few seconds for this one to appear)
  • The Holt boys seem to believe the circus part is a joke. However, you still convince Tyler it's just you and your dad with the help of others in the room.

Your last choice of this sequence is your response to Tyler when he suggests you're scared. You can either say "You're Wrong" or "You're Right." Then a police car pulls up.

Interaction With Big Sam

A police officer named Big Sam walks into the motel. The Holt boys stay out of sight and keep Joyce hostage. In this scene, you must make a few big decisions that dictate whether Big Sam figures out what's happening in the motel.

Hide Or Leave Evidence

The first decision you make during this scene involves the earring that Joyce lost earlier when she was punched. As it's surrounded by blood, it's a pretty big piece of evidence that something is going down. So, you have to decide what to do with it:

Hide Evidence
  • If you hide the earring, then it becomes a non-factor for the rest of the scene.
Leave Evidence
  • If you leave the evidence, then Big Sam or Zoe will find it later.
  • If either of them finds it, Sam will ask if everything is okay. You can answer "Yep" or "Help." The former leads to Sam being suspicious as he leaves, while the latter has him call back-up straight away.

Big Sam's Questions

Big Sam engages you in what he thinks is ideal chit-chat, but your responses can heavily impact the scene. His first question is, "who else you traveling with?" These are your possible answers:

"Wife And Kid."
  • This is the truth, so it doesn't arouse any suspicion with Big Sam.
  • Yet, if you lied to the Holts about the presence of your family earlier, they won't be happy as they're listening to your entire conversation.
"Just My Dad."
  • You can tell the officer that you're just with your dad. He then asks about the booster seat in your car.
  • You can either say "Not My Car" or "I've Got A Kid." Neither answer makes him incredibly suspicious.
  • However, if you lied about your family to the Holts earlier, then Michelle and Zoe are about to arrive. Naturally, this creates an awkward situation and makes Sam suspicious.

For some reason, Sam doesn't seem to ask who you're traveling with if the Holts already know about your family.

The officer's next question is about why you're in Two Rock. These are your possible responses and their consequences:

  • As Vince and his family are actually moving, this answer doesn't arouse suspicion.
  • After you claim you're going to Mexico on vacation, Sam asks which city.
  • Acapulco and Rocky Point are fine answers.
  • Mexico City and Guatemala, on the other hand, are suspicious.
"On The Run"
  • This answer is a joke, which Vince clarifies before explaining that their car trouble led to them being here.
  • It doesn't arouse suspicion.

Family Arrives

At this point, your family may run into the building. If you told anyone they weren't there, they now know that was a lie. This news will make Big Sam suspicious and the Holts angry – though they'll remain hidden.

When she comes into the room, Sam and Michelle may quiz you on what's happening. These are the responses you can choose:

"Nothing." (You have to wait a few seconds for this one to appear)
  • This answer doesn't make Sam any more suspicious.
  • Depending on your previous choices, he may ask you to call if you see anything. You can respond with "Yep" or "Help."
  • The "Help" option convinces him to call backup straight away. When you say "Yep," he just leaves.
"Let's Get Out Of Here."
  • Your rush to leave with Michelle and Zoe alerts Sam that something is going on, so he calls backup straight away.
"Fugitives On The Loose."
  • Sam doesn't react to the comment and asks to call if you see anything, say "Yep" Or "Help."
  • The "Help" option convinces him to call backup straight away. When you say "Yep," he leaves.

Your family doesn't enter while Big Sam is still there if you told the Holts about them earlier.

Big Sam Ending

There are three possible ends for Big Sam in chapter one. Which of them occurs is based on your previous actions:

Big Sam's StateEnding
  • If Sam doesn't have any idea that something is amiss, he'll just leave the motel.
  • If the officer is suspicious enough, he'll whisper to you that he's going to call backup before he leaves the motel.
  • Tyler will demand to know what he said. You can either tell him the truth or not.
  • If you let Sam know that something is happening, he'll try to call backup while still inside the motel.
  • Tyler will shoot him.

Chapter One Conclusion

The last sequence of chapter one has two paths that lead to three possible endings.

Path 1: Tyler Attacks You

Tyler gets enraged if you gave them away to Sam. So, after killing the officer, he'll attack you. The battle has several QTEs for you to pass.

If you fail the QTEs in the battle with Tyler, he knocks you down and puts the gun to your head. You get to make your last comments before a gun is fired and the chapter ends without you knowing which weapon went off.

Alternatively, If you succeed at the quick-time events, you get ahold of Tyler's shotgun and point it at him. However, Dale takes Michelle hostage. You then have two choices:

  • You give the gun back to Tyler, and the chapter ends with him pointing it at you.
  • You're about to shoot when the chapter ends.

Path 2: Tyler Takes Michelle Hostage

After Sam leaves the motel without being shot, Tyler realizes they need to move quickly. Therefore, they get set to leave and grab Michelle hostage to serve as some insurance. At this point, you have three options:

  • Begging doesn't actually solve anything except give you a few extra lines of dialog.
  • You're forced to pick one of the others after the additional sequence.
Attack Tyler
  • Attacking Tyler leads to a QTE battle between the two of you.
  • Missing a button leads to Tyler knocking you down and threatening to shoot you. You get to say one more thing before you hear the noise of a gunshot, and the chapter ends.
  • If you win the QTE battle, you get the gun and can either surrender it over to him or fire – Dale has Michelle hostage at the time. Either way, the chapter ends.
Grab Tyler's Gun
  • By grabbing the gun, you skip straight to the 'surrender or shoot' scene with Dale taking Michelle as his hostage.
  • If you surrender, Tyler gets the gun before the chapter ends.
  • If you choose to shoot, the chapter ends.

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