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Apex Legends Season 7 Engagement Down From Last Season

A new report from M Science indicates Apex Legends engagement is down for Season 7 compared to Season 6. However, despite recent backlash about the new content, it’s still performing at higher levels than it did at this time in 2019.

“Apex Legends had a successful event and update in early October, with the launch of Crossplay and an intra-season event,” reads M Science’s latest gaming industry analysis. “The franchise subsequently released its Season 7 battle pass on November 4, which included a new map. Surprisingly, Season 7 bookings at launch appear down season-over-season, though bookings remain very materially elevated Y/Y (year-over-year).”

In layman’s terms, Apex Legends is making more money now than it did at the same time last year, but less than it was in Season 6. That season brought with it a new character (Rampart), new gun, and tweaks to the World’s End map. Season 7 also brought with it a new Legend (Horizon) and a brand-new map (Olympus). Despite the big changes, it doesn’t seem like Apex Legends is able to perform up to the levels it was a few months ago.

It’s still early in the lifecycle for Season 7, and the fact that it’s doing better now than in 2019 is an encouraging sign. Backlash about the new Season Pass rewards certainly hasn’t done the game any favors, although it seems the developer is doing everything it can to get players back into its good graces. In fact, Apex Legends is currently offering double XP until next week’s patch and is giving players 10 free battle pass levels until further issues are resolved.

Apex Legends is one of the premier battle royale games on the market, although it’s facing stiff competition from both Warzone and Fortnite. Next-gen enhancements will be made available in 2021 for Apex Legends, and we’re curious to see how the launch of PS5 and Series X impacts the game’s performance.

M Science is a data-driven research and analytics firm. It regularly compiles reports on the gaming industry, giving investors a glimpse into the performance of popular games and publishers. Exact figures are limited to its subscribers, but we’re able to report the general trends issued in its latest analysis.

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